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Local Site

Local Site, sometimes called Home Sitoe is a Telepresence term. It defines the physical location of the person broadcasting themselves to the remote site location.

See also: Telepresence, Remote Site

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Local Site

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The Elements of Good Mythtelling, Part Seven: Local Setting
This looks at local myths - how they form, what they can be based upon, and the creation of something that's meaningful to your players at the time of it's creation, later growing in to something more.

Locally Hosted resource
Local Area Augmentation Systems
A Local area Augmentation System is used to augment Global Positioning Systems when fine, precise detail is required. They could actually solve a lot more sensor web issues than just the use in aeronautics they have today.

Complete Website: The Escapist
An excellent site, fighting to protect and promote RPGing of all types. Since most (decent) virtual worldlets fall under the RPG umbrella, this site is most definitely worth a look.

Locally Hosted resource
SUAVe: Redefining Archaeology With Aerial AI
The SUAVE system is a semi-autonomous UAV, the brainchild of an archaeologist and an engineer. It flies over any dig site, continually taking pictures to convert into a 3D model, reducing the time taken to map a site from painstaking 2-3 years to a single month or less.

Complete Website: Mudders' Cave
A site dedicated to player-to-player communication, and a small group of MUDs. An established site, with a precise focus towards the players, not the worlds. Also includes a moderate-sized database of player-names, and an attempt to find out why players leave individual worlds.

Locally Hosted resource
A Sensor Web of Hearing Aids
At the start of April 2009, a US firm, Oticon, started shipping a rather interesting concept, essentially hearing aids that plug into the local wireless network as you walk around. Whilst this company may be the first, it's a definite interest area for others.

Locally Hosted resource
ActiveWorlds: Local Caching a world
Any user of dial-up who has accessed the VR codebase ActiveWorlds for any length of time knows this problem: You download the world, then the computer locks up, or the browser crashes. You restart, only to find out you have to download the world from scratch again, as the datafile the program uses for downloads, corrupts if it is terminated unexpectedly.

Locally Hosted resource
Animatrix: Final Flight of the Osiris
Our local review of Final Flight of the Osiris, one of the nine short animated films in the VR anthology Animatrix.

Locally Hosted resource
Specialist College of Virtual Reality?
East Marshall High School in Le Grande, Iowa, in the United States is a small public school with 270 students. It has been rated highly by the local authorities, and appears on more than a few 'top school' ratings in that country's charts. It is also one of the first traditional schools/universities worldwide, to embrace learning in virtual reality with open arms.

Linked resource
Mineralogy Database
Links site to over 5,000 pages of mineral resources. Searchable.


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