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Location Based Entertainment

LBE, or Location Based Entertainment is basically an academia term for a MUVE, MUSH, MUD, or MMO, which attempts to recreate a historical or fantastical space, and encourage participation in its development.

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Location Based Entertainment


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The Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3, one of the most major computer-based entertainment (read: Mainstream) events in the calendar year, starts on the 10th of May 2006. Here, we track the events and announcements from the big guns, and the little guns, as the event unfolds.

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Location Location
A short resource that discusses the origins of settlements and other features that a builder should consider when creating a new urban area.

Written by Lee Sheldon, a professional entertainment writer, with such credits as Star Trek: The Next Generation", "Charlie's Angels", and "Edge of Night" to his name, this book is all about writing good, solid, sweeping plots for interactive entertainment.

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Alternate reality games blur reality and fiction
A mainstream media piece on the growing explosion of augmented reality gaming - combining physical and virtual data as one, in order to play location-based games.

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World Review: 3DEE
World Review: 3DEE welcome screen
3DEE is a social worlds system based on the ActiveWorlds codebase. Like all systems based on this code, it looks and feels a bit dated, although this one has its own unique wrinkles to help take care of that. Based in Amsterdam, 3DEE?s primary language is Dutch, and the universe?s eight entrance worlds are loosely based around that theme.
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Games without frontiers?
A BBC column by Bill Thompson on how companies, far more than governments, are attempting to wall off the internet by physical location, and the methods being employed to fight back.

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Use of Video Game Technology in the Workplace Increasing
An Entertainment Software Association announcement from June 2008, on the growing trends for simulation technologies in commerce and industry.

Authored by Raph Koster, Chief Creative Officer of Sony Online Entertainment, this brilliantly illustrated book is a storyboard filled with inspirational ideas for all designers.

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Q&A: Internet Protocol TV
What is IPTV? How does it benefit people? Bidding farewell to the days of mass entertainment being passive, as opposed to interactive, this FAQ attempts to explain to the layperson, a few home truths about the technology.


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People in the UK are buying and playing more games than ever before, with video gaming fast becoming a mainstream entertainment activity.

Over the last six years, the UK market for interactive, computer-based entertainment d...

4th International Conference on Entertainment Computing (ICEC 2005) takes place on September 19 - 21 2005, at Kwansei Gakuin University, in Sanda, Japan.

Conference Topics

* Advanced Interaction Design, e.g...

December 3rd - 5th, 2008
Yokohama, Japan

Entertainment is one of the important magical ingredients in the 21st Century society.
ACE 2008 is an annual international conference devoted to computer entertainment to...

Yesterday, Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, and Epic Games announced a license agreement in which CME will use Epic?s Unreal Engine 3 technology for the development of the upcoming, highly anticipated Stargate Worlds.

Based o...

October 5 – October 8, 2011
Vancouver, Canada

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the prestigious 10th International Conference on Entertainment Computing, under the auspices of the International Federatio...