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Location Based Services

Location Based Services or LBS, are a new type of business, springing up with the adoption of augmented reality technologies. Essentially, they are an augmented reality service which can only be accessed at one or more set physical locations.

Utilising a mixture of GPS and/or coded markers on buildings, specific augmented reality display content is superimposed on the physical world when viewed through an AR device at these locations.

Such content can be advertising, AR game content, artwork, or a number of other services pertinent to that physical location.

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Location Based Services


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Wireless Spectrum Sharing
We are finally coming to the end of days in which spectrum frequencies are parcelled out to allocated bandwidths for different services. This has been impractical for some time now, as older services have had larger frequency ranges, leaving newer services squeezed together into increasingly smaller spaces.

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Location Location
A short resource that discusses the origins of settlements and other features that a builder should consider when creating a new urban area.

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Alternate reality games blur reality and fiction
A mainstream media piece on the growing explosion of augmented reality gaming - combining physical and virtual data as one, in order to play location-based games.

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Another Day, Another Lawsuit
This article from 2000, is still relevant today, looking at the online services industry as the only one on the planet that employs 'corporate volunteers'.

World Review: 3DEE
World Review: 3DEE welcome screen
3DEE is a social worlds system based on the ActiveWorlds codebase. Like all systems based on this code, it looks and feels a bit dated, although this one has its own unique wrinkles to help take care of that. Based in Amsterdam, 3DEE?s primary language is Dutch, and the universe?s eight entrance worlds are loosely based around that theme.
Special Client Required

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I See in My Crystal Ball...
Not an artile easy to sum up, this is essential reading for anyone thinking of going commercial - a look aheard at the battles that are going to be fought between worlds, in the near future. Of the views that have got to change, and the services that will have to be in place. Read it, or splash around. You have been warned.

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What can you generally find from a city?
A fair length, but, by no means comprehensive listing of the services that are likely to be available in a city. Worth a look, it shows just how far short of a realistic city we are.

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Telemedicine Tele-abused
There is a firm, which specialises in phone and telehealth services to help relieve the stress of hospitalisation. They provide a telephone/television unit next to the beds of more than 160 NHS trust hospitals in the United Kingdom. They may well be abusing their priviledged position.

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Medieval price list
A fairly comprehensive list of the prices of various goods and services in medieval times. Useful as a guide.

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Games without frontiers?
A BBC column by Bill Thompson on how companies, far more than governments, are attempting to wall off the internet by physical location, and the methods being employed to fight back.


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Google said Thursday it was assessing the impact of a new Chinese rule on web mapping services, which state media said could exclude foreign companies from providing such services in the country.

"China recently implemented ...

Twitter is adding location to its globally popular microblogging service in a move that will let people see where "tweets" are coming from.

"We're gearing up to launch a new feature which makes Twitter truly location-awar...

Physical location and orientation data?such as that provided by GPS?will be one of several keys to information technology business growth in the next several years as IT becomes more and more consumer-centric, says market-research firm Gart...

Many mobile-phone applications (apps) use spatial positioning technology to present their user with location-specific information such as directions to nearby amenities. By simultaneously predicting the location of the mobile-user and the d...

On Wednesday, Google announced that it would open its servers to geographic data belonging to anyone. This means that developers will be able to quickly build a location-based Web service without having to also manage their own data server....