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Loebner Prize

The Loebner prize was created in 1990 by American inventor Hugh Loebner. Hosted by various institutions over the years, the prize is essentially an annual turing test competition designed to find a chatbot that can fool the judges into thinking they are conversing remotely with a sentient mind.

Loebner has put up 100,000 US dollars of his own money as a prize to the first bot that achieves this task. When it is achieved, the contest will end.

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The Loebner Prize
The Loebner Prize for artificial intelligence is an annual contest, designed to put artificially intelligent chat programs through their paces. It uses the Turing Test for AI, as conceptualised by Alan Turing in the 1950 paper "Computing machinery and intelligence". In the decades since then, the Loebner prize is the first attempt to take the Turing test seriously, as a benchmark for AI.


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It be Loebner Prize time again, the annual prize awarded for artificial intelligence. Held in New York on Sunday, the heavyweights of the artificial intelligence chatbots arrayed against one another, from the German Jabberwocky to the Briti...

The Loebner prize award is coming round again. The annual attempt for chatbots to pass the turing test will take place at the University of Reading October 12.

Professor Kevin Warwick, a cyberneticist at the university, said...

Jabberwacky,the UK entry to the Loebner Prize for human-like communication, and the first to use the power of tens of thousands of real users online, to create its very understanding of how to talk, came third in the world, in this Turing-T...

The world?s most advanced chatbot, the open source, twenty year old Alice, may have fallen from grace. Fears are growing that a clone is being used to dupe users of MSN's instant messaging service into downloading spyware.


The X Prize Foundation recently announced that it's working on a new contest that will be offering $10 million to the winner to develop a breakthrough in brain-to-computer interface (BCI) technology. If the foundation comes up with adequat...