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NeuroMusclar Electrical Stimulation or NMES is another term for Functional Electrical Stimulation. It is an umbrella term to describe the process of using electrical currents, and electrode arrays to reactivate the peripheral nervous system in individuals who have suffered damage to the spinal cord.

In other words, to activate the nerves controlling muscles, and thus movement, in a limb which has no direct connection to the brain any more. As such it is an ideal method for conquering disability in a subset of individuals.

Work on NMES methods has also provided a considerable level of detail on the precise functioning of individual nerves, and the neural coding necessary to activate specific muscle movements. This in turn ties directly into active prosthetics, and VR interfaces based on potential movements; the brain commands the muscles to move, and the virtual body responds instead, since the meaning of said signals is known.

See Also: FES, Neural Coding, TMR, BCI

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