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Natural Language Answering

Understanding a query given to an artificial intelligence in spoken or typed natural language is one thing. But the system being able to construct a natural language reply off the cuff as opposed to preprogrammed scripts is quite another.

This requires a far deeper understanding of natural language processing than just analysing the meaning of the words. It requires Intelligent speech understanding – being able to read between the lines and assess the emotional subtext of words, then go one step beyond that, and decipher the correct emotional subtext to give the reply as well as the words themselves.

As such Natural Language Answering is perhaps one of the hardest to achieve, most computationally expensive and real-knowledge based aspects of natural language processing. It requires the artificial mind to literally understand the language it is using, and is a true artificial general intelligence skill. Not something a weak AI such as an expert system is expected to be able to master. It is realistic to argue that the ability to answer any query given in the same natural language as was given will be an indicator of a self-aware strong AI.

See Also: Natural Language Processing, Intelligent Speech Understanding, Expert System, Strong AI, Weak AI, Artificial General Intelligence

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Natural Language Answering


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Natural Language Processing For Multi-User Virtual Worlds
This expansive, and well-written article takes a look at how to implement a more natural language system, to enable the parsing of more complex commands in text-based virtual worlds. Contains code, orientated towards MOO/MUSH developers.

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You Play my Language?
An exotic stranger smiles at you. You approach with a coy ease, looking up and down at the gorgeous visuals this person is putting on, intrigued by the prospect of an intense interaction. You say hi, casually introduce yourself, maybe tell a joke, but there is a problem: This person does not speak your language. Designing round language problems in virtual worlds.

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Building Blocks: Names
A bit of a hybrid between a coding resource and a building resource, this looks at parsers, and the difficulty in getting natural language interaction between rooms, objects, and players.

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Mudding with Language Barriers
?In a global community, language has no limits and interpretation is sometimes misleading.?

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Chatbots > ELIZA
ELIZA was the first chatbot to be created, originally back in the 1960s. A real-time natural language processor and response program, she was born in MIT, written by Joseph Weizenbaum. Several versions were created over the period spanning 1964 - 1966.

Within the adult VR world Taurius is the Academy of Sign Learning allows two people to carry on a conversation in American Sign Language (ASL), across the internet, teaching those with good hearing, a language of those without.

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Large Image Display: Chrysalis: Natural User Interface in Surveilance
Part two of a short series looking at the French film Chrysalis (2007)'s take on Natural User Interfaces. This focusses on a slightly more advanced form of touchscreen display; dealing with video data in such a way as to feel totally natural, even to a non-computer-user.


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June 22nd 2014 - June 27th 2014
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

The conference covers a broad spectrum of disciplines working towards enabling intelligent systems to interact with humans using natural language, to understandi...

August 4th 2014 - August 9th 2013
Sofia, Bulgaria

For the first time, the annual meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) takes place in Bulgaria. ACL 2013 will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria's capita...

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a crude converter that takes in written English and outputs code.

The interpreter, called Metafor, uses natural language instructions to sketch the outli...

Use of natural language processing, such as in the form of free-text searches of electronic medical records (EMRs) of clinical and progress notes of patients performed better at identifying postoperative surgical complications than the comm...

For more than 50 years, linguists and computer scientists have tried to get computers to understand human language by programming semantics as software. Now, a University of Texas at Austin linguistics researcher, Katrin Erk, is using super...