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Moving with intent and deliberation through a virtual world, is to navigate it.

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GPS for Buses
German researchers are working on a system which they hope will encourage more people to use public transport: A vehicle-independent and company-independent GPS navigation system for public transport, modelled on the way in-car GPS navigation systems work.

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Optical Machine Vision Navigation System Found in Flies
A study conducted to understand how flies and bees can navigate so precisely using just natural sunlight, has interesting implications for machine vision, and adding additional sense-based navigation systems to UAVs and UGVs without adding the weight or cost of any extra hardware.

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A Wheelchair With Ears and Brain
At MIT, researchers are working on an artificially intelligent electric wheelchair, designed to aid the least mobile individuals with navigation.

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What ACE means for VR
ACE, or Autonomous City Explorer, is an embodied robot system, a development of the Institute of Automatic Control Engineering at the Technical University of Munich. However, we are not interested in its navigation achievements here. Instead, one of the new interaction methods ACE employs, is of interest for quite different applications.

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Darkness and Fog Sensor for Car Safety
A new sensor, is able to differentiate true darkness from fog or smoke, for vehicle navigation. Even better, the developers have listened, and efforts to make it cheaply for all cars are well under way.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Matriculated: SLAM's Successor?
This speaks of a successor, an advancement to SLAM for robotic autonomous navigation. It also speaks of a possible new paradigm for use when building worlds.

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Where am I? Using Feature Cues for Navigation
The brain is built to handle such a 3D world, and employs a number of tricks to counter disorientation. These are tricks we can utilise in 3D spatial simulations, to help minimise disorientation there; but first we have to understand what the brain's tricks are, and how they operate.


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OnStar and Google have reached an agreement that will let OnStar users search for and identify destinations using Google Maps and send those destinations to the Turn-by-Turn Navigation Service in their vehicles.

OnStar eNav, ...

March 3-5, 2009
?Residenz M?nchen?, Germany

The Munich Satellite Navigation Summit has been established as the European and International conference with global impact featuring invited high-ranking worldwide speakers ...

A Russian Proton-M rocket was launched into space Thursday with three new satellites for Moscow's GLONASS navigation system, aimed at competing with US and European systems.

GLONASS was developed by the Russian military in t...

Siemens has unveiled a new navigation system for orthopedic and neurological surgeons called Cappa C-Nav.

"With Cappa C-Nav, Siemens Healthcare offers an optical navigation system that is especially suitable for spinal as w...

China plans to complete its own satellite navigation system by 2015, making it independent of foreign technology such as the US-developed Global Positioning System (GPS), state media said Monday.

The Beidou Navigation System ...