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Net Death

Net death occurs when there is such a snarl up of data on the internet that the connection between the user and the remote depiction of their avatar for other users is broken. It basically means their avatar or representation becomes lifeless and unresponsive for an unspecified period of time, until a connection can be re-established.

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Net Death


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Til Death do us Part
In a roleplaying environment, gameworld, or alternative life setting, how do we handle the concept of death, in-world?

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Information Theoretic Death
In the purely physical world, death is a straightforward thing: You are either alive, or you are not. When you add in the purely virtual, heavily interconnected worlds of cyberspace, that model changes drastically. When do you deem someone to be irredeemably dead, if part of their mind is active and self-modifying online?

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Death & Loss in Virtual Land
A look at why death affects us as it does, how it impacts upon the mind, and then goes on to draw parallels with loss of an individual to a virtual world, concluding with some steps worlds can take to minimise that loss.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: The Second Renaissance: Sentenced to Death
This execution scene was shown during the first episode of ?The Second Renaissance?, and brings back strong thoughts of death camps and political execution. n order to avoid such scenarios becoming both real, and widespread, this is the sort of message we have to keep in mind, as we strive to make robots, ever more human.

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Permanent Death Sliderule
?Permanent removal of the ability for a player to control his avatar within the game system is known as permanent player death (PPD). Few game mechanics actually attempt to make use of PPD, though the reasons for this vary. The purpose of this article is not to identify the strengths or weaknesses of PPD within a given game system, but to present one implementation of it.?

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Death and Taxes
A proposed method of eliminating virtual item trading outside of the world by means of invisible taxation upon trade.

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PvP, Grief PK's, Death, Justice, Player Accountability
Why is PvP a problem anyhow? Are we looking at this from the wrong perspectice? Could PvP really be used to make the experience much more rewarding? Read this for the barest glimpse at the answers.

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Readers should get game-literate
A timely report from the guardian's staff blogs about how video gaming, rather than being the death of literature, is truly another form of it, one which is crying out for writers, and which stands a very good chance of becoming a higher art form itself.

This book is a novelised historical recount of an invasion that never occurred in our world. It is an alternative history book that looks at the end of world war two?s pacific war. It is 1945, Japan refuses to surrender, the US never developed the Bomb.

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A South Korean couple who were addicted to the internet let their three-month-old baby starve to death while raising a virtual daughter online, police said.

The pair fed their own premature baby just once a day in between 12-...

Distressed swimmers often panic, sapping the strength they need to keep their heads above water until help arrives. When desperate for oxygen, neurons behave in a similar way. They freak out, stupidly discharging energy until they drown in ...

Another youngster?s death is being blamed on video gaming. Ten-year-old Andrey Smirnov in Russia has jumped to his death after being told he couldn?t play on his computer ever again.

Critics are hailing this as evidence that ...

The wave-shaped signal, which was previously dubbed 'the wave of death', had already been measured by researchers in Nijmegen in the brains of rats that had just been decapitated. The rats had already had electrodes implanted in their bra...

Malignant brain tumors often fail to respond to promising new medication. Researchers in Heidelberg have discovered a mechanism and a tumor marker for the development of this resistance. A "death receptor" can possibly provide information...