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Networked Dynamic Environment

Networked Dynamic Environment refers to any synthetic environment which is volatile, and at the same time, is not stored in any central physical location, but is distributed across all its host servers.

This in effect creates a much larger, more vibrant and detailed environment for it is not limited to the capabilities of any one computer. However, as any change is only made to one computer's section and must be replicated throughout the rest, it causes significant communication overhead.

A Networked Dynamic Environment is sometimes called a Distributed Dynamic Environment.

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AI Cars, Driving Like Hooligans
Stanford's Junior AI, on handbrake skid parking, without a human influence on the system, in dynamic environments, with only a two foot variance in position at 25mph. Or, the first baby steps towards dynamic switching between open and closed loop systems.

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High Dynamic Range Photography, and Use in Eye Emulation
H.D.R., or high dynamic range photography is a relatively new technique used by photographers to take high-quality full lighting range photos that are near-indistinguishable from paintings, for their ability to correctly replicate the lighting of a given scene, exactly how the human eye would see it.

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Encoding smells in the Brain: A must for recreation?
Industry News

In early January 2008, a Rice University study published in the Journal of Neuroscience found that socioemotional meanings, including sexual ones, are conveyed in human sweat. This raises the question for immersive spaces, if such dynamic scents need to be synthetically reproduced to provide a firmer social environment in tele-mediation.

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Using Groupings for Networked Gaming
An interesting article, discussing how to group data together, so that all players only get the information essential to them.

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Building the Networked World
Bill Thompson muses on the stages of development required to create a ubiquitous network infrastructure, within both the EU and wider world.

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Player-Driven Class Alliance System
A definition document for an interesting, and incredibly dynamic approach to classes and guilds, within a roleplay setting.

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Star Trek: The Original Series, & VR ~ The Return of the Archons
Networked neuroprosthetics used to control and subjugate a host population. Not the most original of storylines, but the first time such appeared on TV. At this time, it was original, and done well indeed.

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The First Networked Brain Orchestra
Its not exactly easy listening music, but the world premiere rendition of music by the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona's brain orchestra, is certainly a worthy achievement for science.

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Soft-Edged Shadows
A coder?s article about creating realistic, dynamic soft shadow in real-time interactive, and complex scenes.

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VR Interfaces: Barco RP-360 dome
The Barco R-360 is a double hemisphere display system for flight simulation that offers carefully balanced highly dynamic displays of up to 140 megapixel, completely surrounding the user.


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A new technique for creating structures and scenery objects by dynamic algorithm could radically speed up the task of creating landscapes within a world....

A single software wrapper, enabling all manner of home appliances and processors to work together seamlessly as one whole creature, intelligent and servile, has been a holy grail of the home hub ideal for some years.

The tec...

December 1-2, 2008
Technology Square Research Building, 85 5th street, Atlanta, USA

Living Game Worlds IV will focus on the theme of networked play and engage dialogues on the rapidly growing domain of multiplayer game...

Simulation of mechanical systems

Mechanical systems simulation has always typically been a primitive branch of simulation. Individual moving parts have long been simulated working together, but a complete working engine in re...

In women with lower urinary tract symptoms, a medical imaging technique called dynamic MRI allows clinicians to diagnose pelvic organ prolapse ? a condition that often goes undiagnosed on static MRI and at physical examination, according to...