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Neural Coding

Neural coding refers to the way an organic brain stores information physically, as strings of interconnected neurons and ganglion cells. It is in essence, the code that underlies the basic workings of the mind, and as such, is continually being studied with a mind to reverse engineering the process. The implications for direct brain interfaces, artificial intelligence, mental deformities, and the understanding of the mind itself are of course immense.

See Also: Neurophysiology, Neuroscience, BMI, AGI, AI, Neuromorphic Engineering

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MUSH Code: What It Is and Where to Get It
This fairly short introduction to MUSH coding, includes the key facts needed, some excellent references, and a companion article, Coding by Example: +where.

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Top Ten Reasons you are coding on the Wrong Mud
A humourous article, obviously geared for MUDs, but equally applicable to any virtual environment, should you find yourself coding for it, and these things (or their equivalent) start occurring. It may seem silly, but things like this do still occur. Even to so-called commercial worlds.

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Vehicle Control with Neural Networks
An excellent, easy-to-follow look at using neural networks to control the movement of AI vehicles (or dragons, or whatever). Includes careful break down of how neural networks work, and carries a gradual learning curve upwards.

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Refining Prosthetic Legs - One Accident at a Time
When it comes to advanced prosthetic limbs - or for that matter virtual limbs relying on the same basic principles, getting the control circuitry to function properly is crucial. One of the most important aspects of said control circuitry, is the neural coding that binds the limb to the nerve impulses of the surviving ends of the peripheral nervous system.

Locally Hosted resource
Neural Reader vs Neurostimulator
Neural readers and neurostimulators. You will never encounter two more opposing types of brain prosthesis. It is ironic then, that these two are perhaps the most frequently confused, by the lay-person.

Locally Hosted resource
The First Neural-Jack?
Japanese researchers have created the very first, incredibly crude, neural-jack interface, a distant ancestor of those seen in cyberpunk and the Matrix films, but of the same lineage all the same.

Locally Hosted resource
Large Image Display: Sol Bianca: F-310 Mega-Arms Neural Interface Gun
An in-depth technical look at the neural-controlled weapon in Sol Bianca. How it would actually function, and the basics of how we would go about recreating it in functional form, from technology available today.

Locally Hosted resource
Introduction to Neural Networks
This lengthy article, compiled from a set of slides, gives an excellent overview of neural networks, without delving into too much depth. Excellent for an intro.

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A Modular Framework for Artificial Intelligence Based on Stimulus Response Directives
Neural networks are one of the best techniques available, for modelling a mind. However, they are also processing-intensive, and somewhat uncontrollable at their current technological level. This article concentrates on using directive sets, rather than neural nets, to create realistic, task driven behaviour.

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Coding by Example: +where
This companion article to MUSH Code: looks at implementing a listing function of players / administrators, and where they are.


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