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Neuromodulation is the true term for alterations in the brain triggered by a neurostimulator prosthetic. The neurostimulator delivers electrical pulses of a set pattern depending on purpose and implantation area, into the brain. This alters or modulates the current flow of the neurons around the prosthetic, altering the data signals and changing circuits.

In effect, altering the data in the brain itself.

See Also: Neurostimulator, Neuroprosthetic

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Optogenetic Neuromodulation






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Optics and Neuroprosthetics
A new tack in neuroprosthetic interfaces is being born out of pulses of light rather than electricity. Termed 'optogenetic neuromodulation, the technique is being pioneered in the hope that it will enable a far greater level of accuracy and single-cell stimulation than is possible with electrode interfaces.


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St. Jude Medical is reporting that the company's Libra deep brain stimulation devices have been implanted into initial set of European patients to treat Parkinson's disease.

The announcement was made at the European Ass...

St. Jude Medical has received FDA regulatory clearance for the firm's new five-column neurostimulation lead. The Penta?, being unveiled at North American Neuromodulation Society meeting, sports the market's smallest electrodes arranged in...

European regulators have given a green light to St. Jude Medical to market the company's Libra? and LibraXP deep brain stimulation (DBS) systems for treatment of symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

The Libra DBS systems func...

June 16 - 18, 2008
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The Neural Interfaces research community consists of investigators, supported by grants or contracts, who are working in areas that include functional neuromuscular/ electrical s...

Researchers at Medtronic are developing a prototype neural implant that uses light to alter the behavior of neurons in the brain. The device is based on the emerging science of optogenetic neuromodulation, in which specific brain cells are ...