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A neurostimulator, also known by the unwieldy term ?implanted pulse generator?, is a type of neuroprosthetic that works by delivering pulsed, modulated electrical signals directly into the brain, designed to change the electrical activity of a given region. In short they are a type of computer output device, which modifies the data the brain is working with.

Typically neurostimulators do not read the electrical activity in the brain; there are other types of neuroprosthetic for that.

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Neuropace: Neuro-blanker
A new neuroprosthetic on the market at the end of 2009, is an attempt to actually combiine a neural activity detector and a neurostimulator into one package. Traditionally this never worked because oncethe neurostimulator activates, it blocks out all underlying brain activity in the area - the implant is only reading itself. But, what if that is the desired outcome?

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Neural Reader vs Neurostimulator
Neural readers and neurostimulators. You will never encounter two more opposing types of brain prosthesis. It is ironic then, that these two are perhaps the most frequently confused, by the lay-person.

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John Pezaris' Electrode Implant
The neurostimulator implant envisaged by researcher John Pezaris, is not the same as the medical neurostimulators currently in use. It is one of the first true neurostimulators. That is to say, not a general pulse device, but one capable of delivering meaningful data directly into the brain.

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A startup company, Neuropace in Mountain View Ca., has developed a device that offers new hope for epilepsy patients. The device is designed to neutralize the abnormal electrical activity in the region of the brain that causes seizures.

The US FDA has given Medtronic approval to market the Activa RC and Active PC deep brain stimulation (DBS) devices, featuring the option of rechargeability, and indicated "for the treatment of the symptoms of advanced Parkinson's disease ...