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Non-Immersive VR

A non-immersive reality is one in which only a subset of senses are subsumed, or the senses are only partially subsumed.

This leaves peripheral awareness of the reality outside the VR, as direct sensory perception.

For example, whilst your eyes and ears may be in the simulation, your toe is still feeling the desk in front of it.

Also known as: Non-Immersive Simulation

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Non-Immersive Simulation

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HMDs, Caves & Chameleon: A Human-Centric Analysis of Interaction in Virtual Space
An elegant comparison between three very different forms of hardware-mediated virtual reality - HMD immersive displays, CAVE immersive VR systems, and Chameleon VR systems that carve out a nook for themselves within the physical world.

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The Sensorama
The sensorama was one of the earliest examples of multi-sensory, immersive VR. It was something of an experiment at the time, and was too far advanced for available technology or interest.

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VR Interfaces: Sega VR
A look at the Sega VR, a head mounted display and fully immersive interface of the early 1990s, that somehow never quite managed to make it off the ground.

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The future of RPGs
The product of a great deal of intense debate on the gamedev forums, this outstanding web document is filled to overflowing with ideas on how to make RPGs more immersive, and satisfying.

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Monsters (or, Dragons and Orcs and Unicorns, Oh My!)
Monsters. Mobs, NPCs, Mobiles. Whatever they're named, they've been a staple of immersive worlds since the start. However, not enough thought seems to go into what to do with these beings, these denizens of a true world.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: World Record: Logging out through Will Alone
A valuable lesson on the necessity of both allowing a safety layer for subconscious desire to log out of a full immersive VR, and a reminder why transitions are not just pretty, they are a health and stress saver.

One of the great issues with immersive VR has always been allowing natural movement in enclosed spaces. The VirtuSphere looks a lot like a giant mouse ball, or hamster wheel. However, it is perfect for the task at hand - complete freedom in all six degrees.

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Immersive Newscasting versus Actuality
A quote from "Otherland: City of golden shadow", talking about the probable confusion that could result from a realistic enough, surround news feed versus actual physical experience of a disaster.

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Mobprog Guide
Mobprogs, scripting for MUD NPCs - the illusion of AI through triggers. Through mobprog scripts, your non-player characters can be as immersive as your imagination can create. Article written with ROM Mobprogs in mind.

World Review: Taurius
World Review: Taurius welcome screen
Not every persistent, immersive virtual environment is geared for kids, or is even suitable for them. At the same time, adult does not have to mean sexual. Adult can simply be a nice, mature environment where friends can relax and interact.
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