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On Line Creation

On Line Creation or OLC is the act of creating something in a MUD, gameworld or social VR environment, whist the environment is live. Ie, on the fly creation, such that other people can see your works being created if they pass through the area you are working in, and watch the new content unfold before their eyes.

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On Line Creation


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Game Law: Everybody Conga?
Remember those old movies with the long conga line in them? Well, imagine that the line is a line of gamers. But some of the gamers can't dance. So, no conga for them. They're just watching their friends have fun while dealing with a frustrated desire to dance themselves. That is what it is like for an estimated 20-25% of the population over the age of 17. This is because these potential gamers have one or more physical or cognitive disabilities. Games and VR worlds do not provide for them, so they cannot participate.

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The Elements of Good Mythtelling, Part Seven: Local Setting
This looks at local myths - how they form, what they can be based upon, and the creation of something that's meaningful to your players at the time of it's creation, later growing in to something more.

Complete Website: onRPG
Essentially, this site is a massive directory for free Massively Multiplayer worlds (MMOs). However, it also reaches into world creation with the PlayerWorlds engine, a 2D world creation toolkit using Visual Basic.

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Book Quotes: The upcoming Idoru and Synthespians
Synthespian creation work is now leading to the creation of the first real Idorus. Robotic pop stars are starting to emerge, which have their own in-built, if still rudimentary AI, stars such as the South Korean EveR2-Muse and the Japanese Kyoko Date (DK96).

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Large Image Display: Code of Everand: Simple, Clean Character Creation
This is the character creation screen from Code of Everand, a child-friendly MMO run by the British Department of Transport, in order to teach children road safety. It is quite impressive in several respects, offering quite a few points to learn from.

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The Ethical development of Detail
This article is designed to mark a line in the sand, to clarify the principles which the author firmly believes are needed to stop "righteous internal sabotage by players, in the name of roleplaying".

The Emperor Workstation is a high end work/gaming console from NovelQuest, designed as one in a long line of attempts at total immersion pods.

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Bringing Eyecare to those without Optometrists
How do you care for the sight of people in the developing world, or below the poverty line in the developed world? Those who cannot afford to see an optician, and those for whom the nearest optician might be 2,000 miles away? Sometimes the best solution is not the most complex.

World Review: Universal
World Review: Universal welcome screen
Universal is the latest in a long line of ?IOI? worlds ? infinite object interactivity. The PR blurb proclaims a world where you can do anything. As a member of a galactic, spacefaring civilisation, it seems like a mix between Eve and Elite, with a bit of everything else thrown in.
Rating 46.5
Special Client Required

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MAARS Robots
MAARS, short for Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System, is QinetiQ North America's latest product in the SWORDs line. Designed to replace the originals, which had teething problems in the war in Iraq, mainly a lack of trust in their operations.


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IMAGINA is the only event dedicated to Digital Content Creation in Europe.
1st Feb 2006 - 3rd Feb 2006,Monte-Carlo.

* From SFX & Post Production to Videogames development, Mobile content creation, Real time 3D Architec...

The root of the current lack of new, high-quality job creation is the massive scaling back of science and engineering research, which has in the past made enormous contributions to science, technology, and the economy, including the creatio...

New model estimates hundreds of megabits per second possible

It has come and gone a fair bit over the years: cheap broadband via the power lines. Finally someone may be able to pull it off. Broadband power line trials are und...

(Press Release) CyberGlove Systems, makers of the CyberGlove? family of data glove and haptic devices and WorldViz, makers of Vizard, the VR communities' favored interactive 3D content creation software have announced a technological partn...

DRC (Digital Reality Creation) Technology is old. 1997 old to be precise. Sony Corporation created DRC to bring into being a standard convrter from standard television signal format to a high-definition signal format - radically increasing ...