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Open Source Software

OSS or Open Source Software is software which includes Operating Systems, APIs and DBMS components which serve as common 'building blocks'. Currently, there is no set standard for the environment a world's computing runs on, however, every world has some fairly obvious components in common.

R&D across multiple projects is something developers of computing across the board have been looking for for some time, and Open Source Software - no fees to pay, no limitations on what you can do with it, may well be the answer.

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Open Source Software



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Open-Source Thinking Revolutionizes Prosthetic Limbs
In a Scientific American article, Iraq veteran Jonathan Kuniholm describes how his Open Prosthetics Project (OPP) is using open-source methodologies to bring enhanced prosthetics to the masses.

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Open Source 3D Human Models
Industry News

On the 26th of May 2005, two companies (Zygote Media Group and e frontier) joined forces to give us a new model of open source distribution ? 3D avatars.

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Open-Source, Multitouch Surface
At the start of May 2008, Engineers at Eyebeam, an engineering and design firm based in New York, created a scaled-down open-source version of Microsoft Surface, called Cubit.

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SEMAINE, or Sustained Emotionally coloured Machine-human Interaction using Non-verbal Expression, is a research project, trying to create open source AI software that can recognise non-verbal communication, and interact with a human on that basis.

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Augmenting Medical Records: OpenMRS
OpenMRS, or The Open Medical Record System, is a free, open-source attempt at creating a distributed electronic patient records system. It is web based, written in Java, and is under active development.

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The Open Cognition Project
The open cognition project is an attempt to provide researchers and software engineers from all fields, a holistic base to build a common platform for artificial intelligence programs. The goal of OpenCog is to help bootstrap development of artificial general intelligence.

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3D Engines > Vpython
Vpython, short for "Visual Python" is a 3D library specifically written for the open-source, cross-platform language, Python.

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Online Games & The Law, Part Two: Copyleft & Trademark
A practical explanation of Copyleft, that oft misunderstood alternative to copyright, and a look at trademarkig. Includes breakdowns of the requirements for all the major routes: Open source, GPL, Creative Commons.

Complete Website: AI Foundry
A focal point for Open Source AI development, the AI foundry is attempting to become the community hub for free AI development.

For almost three decades, Roger Pressman's Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach has been the world's leading textbook in software engineering. The new seventh edition represents a major restructuring and update of previous editions, solidifying the book's position as the most comprehensive guide to this important subject.


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Dr. Ivor Kovic of Croatia, has started the openECGproject, in an attempt to create open source ECG hardware and software standards for use around the world.

The openECGproject is essentially an online community conceived arou...

The General Public License (GPL), core of the open source movement, is set to recieve a modern overhaul.

In the 13 years since GPL version 2 was released, GPL has become a mainstreal legal license, and not a fringe term used ...

NASA is turning to volunteer coders to write spacecraft control software, as it continues to feel budget cuts.

A project called CosmosCode, based at NASA's Ames Research Centre, is trying to harness the power of open source ...

Patent examiners are often accused of not checking thoroughly whether applications are pre-dated by older inventions, or "prior art". This means widely used software routines can suddenly be locked into patents, making them costly to lice...

Technology giant IBM wants its workers around the world to use free, open-source Mozilla Firefox as their window into the Internet.

"Any employee who is not now using Firefox will be strongly encouraged to use it as their de...