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Open-Loop Process

An open-loop process is a type of sensory system used to give expert systems and other AIs a form of continuous feed of an outside environment. It is wide in scope and functionality, yet produces no precise known margins of error, and is extremely computationally expensive. It is worth noting that this is the method the human brain uses to perceive and act in the world.

Open loop systems work without a pre-defined system of variables. Instead, they analyse the scene, and determine what is moving, what is approaching, and what is not. Distances calculated, scene analysed, and a variable list produced. The values of each variable are determined, assigned, and predictions made on how they could change ? determining potential collision zones for example. The system then acts accordingly, and performs a new sensor sweep.

In the new sweep, some variables may be discarded, others may be added. This is why it is impossible to reliably judge margins for error from one sensor session to the next.

See Also: Closed-Loop Process

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Open Source 3D Human Models
Industry News

On the 26th of May 2005, two companies (Zygote Media Group and e frontier) joined forces to give us a new model of open source distribution ? 3D avatars.

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At the start of May 2008, Engineers at Eyebeam, an engineering and design firm based in New York, created a scaled-down open-source version of Microsoft Surface, called Cubit.

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Large Image Display: The Stepford Wives: Stuck in a Loop
The uncanny valley is a fickle thing. Everything can be fine one moment, and the next, even a slight error in programming, or even a data processing error, triggers it, and you go from believably human to terrifyingly wrong, in a space of only a few seconds.

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Augmenting Medical Records: OpenMRS
OpenMRS, or The Open Medical Record System, is a free, open-source attempt at creating a distributed electronic patient records system. It is web based, written in Java, and is under active development.

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The Open Cognition Project
The open cognition project is an attempt to provide researchers and software engineers from all fields, a holistic base to build a common platform for artificial intelligence programs. The goal of OpenCog is to help bootstrap development of artificial general intelligence.

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Podcast: Tim Berners-Lee: The next Web of open, linked data
This podcast comes from TED 2009, by the original inventor of the Internet. He looks at the next stage in the Internet's evolution; open, linked data.

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Understanding the Science of Running
Running is not as simple a process as it seems at first glance. The physics of this type of movement is very different to the physics of walking, and as a result the leg and body movements are radically different. If we wish to recreate realistic running in either embodied robotic form, or via sequences for VR, then we need to understand this process intimately.

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June 6th, 2009.
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