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Overlapping Action

Overlapping action comes from the field of animation, and so is typically applied to sequences, the little pre-made animations that avatars generate to show the user?s mood, or interact bodily.
follow through and overlapping action. Normally, such sequences are discrete. A new one does not start until an older one has finished. However, that is not the way a physical body works, with different parts moving at different rates.

So, we have the concept of overlapping action, which is picked up by more advanced VR environments, in which one sequence can run in the middle of another, or over the end of one, and still running at the start of another.

A good candidate for this would be the user deciding to shake their avatar?s head whilst walking. Two very different sequences, but because they use different body parts, they can overlap if the VR allows for overlapping action.

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Overlapping Action


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This book, attempts to show in general terms, as well as in specifics, just what the continuously overlapping waves of disruptive technology, will do to transform he way the world learns. Whether or not educational institutions choose to try to keep up, business training has to adapt, if it is going to continue to succeed.

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Unlike the mapping of the sense of smell, which has odourant maps all over the olfactory bulb in no particular order, the sense of sound is remarkably well ordered. Synapses line up in an overlapping orchestra, with multiple redundancies, a study has found.

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The legalities of Snooping
This short article covers a sensible use of the snoop tool, to allow for virtual immunity to legal action taken as a result of player-content.

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Action computer games can sharpen eyesight
Empirical research from the University of Rochester in the US has found that playing in fast passed, lightning reaction virtual environments can be very good for your eyes.

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User-created content ownership
This short article covers a sensible use of the snoop tool, to allow for virtual immunity to legal action taken as a result of player-content.

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A hypothetical situation of a 'nation' of people hooked into VR, and have been that way their whole lives. Every action they do, is done from the virtual, and for them, this article argues, nothing IS virtual.

Total Recall is the film that launched Arnold Schwarzenegger?s career as an action star. It is also one of his best films ever, with a detailed plotline and a lavish attention to detail on AR and VR concepts ? all of which are physically possible, and being actively pursued today.

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Most NPC behaviour takes place as a set of preprogrammed directives - the expert system approach. What if, instead of doing it this highly efficient, if a bit limited way, and took a new approach - giving the characters a highly flexible "plan of action" that could change at any moment...

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