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Overlapping Faces

Overlapping faces is an issue with real-time rendering and with CAD & CAM. It occurs when usually accidentally, a face is duplicated during the tessellation process. For example, a square polygon may find itself split into four equal triangles, each one covering half the original area. Two of the triangles are now overlapping the other two. A visual inspection would not show anything to be wrong, but an inspection of the vertexes would.

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Overlapping Faces


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Golden Ratio for Faces - Female Faces at Least
Research conducted in 2009, which proceeded to fade into obscurity, found a direct connection between the attractiveness of a face to human subjects and the exact dispance of spacing of facial features relative to the size of the head in both horizontal and vertical dimensions. When building an avatar face we can actually move the features around and take advantage of their findings in ways physical faces cannot.

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Facial Recognition for Wild Primate Faces
Facial recognition software, normally developed to recognise the faces of human individuals, to interact with and electronically monitor the activities of individuals, has been reapplied to study other animals, keeping the same basic technology in-place.

This book, attempts to show in general terms, as well as in specifics, just what the continuously overlapping waves of disruptive technology, will do to transform he way the world learns. Whether or not educational institutions choose to try to keep up, business training has to adapt, if it is going to continue to succeed.

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Sound in the Brain: An Orderly Orchestra of Synapses
Unlike the mapping of the sense of smell, which has odourant maps all over the olfactory bulb in no particular order, the sense of sound is remarkably well ordered. Synapses line up in an overlapping orchestra, with multiple redundancies, a study has found.

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Putting a face to the past
A piece from the BBC, on using haptics to rebuild faces from casts and models.

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Roleplay Avatars with Emotion
A 'super emoticon' system for online chat, using photos and morphing them to create emotions, works just as well with CGI pictures as it does with faces, opening the way for facial expressions in roleplayed humanoids.

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Embodiment: We React to Exposed Teeth Faster than Other Emotional Displays
Researchers from Germany have discovered strong evidence that with humans, picking faces out of a crowd has a lot less to do with the shape of the face, or the expression upon that face, and a lot more to do with whether the teeth are visible or not.

Facial expressions, is exactly what you would expect. It is predominately a huge collection of physical human faces, ranged 20-90, photographed in a huge variety of expressions and emotional states.

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EFIT-V and personalised avatars
EFit-V is one of the newest tools in the police arsenal. A replacement for sketch artists and the electronic EFit system. Rather than concentrate on how wide a nose is, or how far apart the eyes are, whilst it still has that capability, the software takes a new approach, and creates photorealistic faces whilst it is at it.

An expressive face is a work of art. Constantly moving and changing. Lips, brows, frown lines, each is in constant motion. Stop Staring analyses facial structures and movements, then shows animators how to bring life to the faces of their characters.


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After finding itself in hot water with privacy advocates, Google has begun obscuring the faces of people in its Street View service, which lets users of Google Maps zoom in to view street level images. But the images look decidedly odd, wit...

Great eyes, full lips and harmonious features: actress Angelina Jolie is in possession of all of these. That she is regarded as the epitome of female attractiveness doesnít come as a surprise for Dr. Holger Wiese of the Friedrich Schiller U...

University of Glasgow researcher Rob Jenkins has created an imaging tool which should bolster security and surveillance issues by recognising faces far better than any human.

Currently, both people and computers are poor at r...

Software developer Arturo Castro and media artist Kyle MacDonald have put out a video demo of their software that replaces their faces with other faces in realtime. Their face-swapping, face-morphing technology shows how their software can ...

Researchers at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Emory University, have demonstrated for the first time rhesus monkeys and humans share a specific perceptual mechanism, configural perception, for discriminating among the numerous...