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QR Code

Quick response code, or CR code, is essentially magic symbol technology. A complex black and white pattern made out of a grid of black squares and white squares, that has replaced barcodes in Japan, and is slowly seeping into AR applications.

See Also: Magic Symbol

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20 issues of porting C++ code on the 64-bit platform
A gamedev article, ritten for programmers who use C++ in particular, but applicable to all languages. Discusses problems in the port of code from 32bit, to 64 bit architectures.

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Organizing Code Files in C and C++
A guide to organising code files and libraries for the new or novice programmer. This resource is ideal for those just starting out in coding, with a view to creating games or virtual worlds later on.

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Want To Be A Game Designer? Learn To Code.
A short article from forbes on how game designers (and simulation designers for the same reason) are better at designing if they at least understand how programming works, and have some idea of how to structure code. It feeds back into their understanding of how to design something that is actually possible.

My Mother Was a Computer explores how the impact of code on everyday life has become comparable to that of speech and writing: as language and code have grown more entangled, the lines that once separated humans from machines, analogue from digital, and old technologies from new ones have become blurred.

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Large Image Display: Code of Everand: Simple, Clean Character Creation
This is the character creation screen from Code of Everand, a child-friendly MMO run by the British Department of Transport, in order to teach children road safety. It is quite impressive in several respects, offering quite a few points to learn from.

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An Introduction to MUSHes
?MUSH stands for Multi-User Shared Hallucination, and is derived from the mud family of online games. They are text based programs which allow multiple people to simultaneously interact within an artificial environment. This article will be focused on role playing MUSHes using the PennMUSH code base, although the TinyMUSH and TinyMUX code bases bear enough resemblance for this to be applicable.?

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Coding by Example: +where
This companion article to MUSH Code: looks at implementing a listing function of players / administrators, and where they are.

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AI in Gaming
A look at where AI is heading, and the various methods available to games, and other resource-intensive, real-time applications. Contains example code for finite state machines. A good article.

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How to create a Non Blocking Server
Looks at the winsock creation of a server which can support many hundreds, or thousands of players simultaneously. Includes full code.

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MUD Pies: Part 2
Part two of this series takes you through everything you need, to turn your initial code into a functional chat server ? the bare-bones basics for any world.


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A credit card with a built-in display is being tested by Visa with the aim of reducing online fraud.

The Emue Card generates and displays a unique code each time it is used.

Developers say that the new technolo...

Matthew Green starts his 2005 Ford Escape with a duplicate key he had made at Lowe's. Nothing unusual about that, except that the automobile industry has spent millions of dollars to keep him from being able to do it.

All t...

The publisher that won a case against Facebook-owned Oculus has asked a judge to block the firm from using its code in virtual reality products.

Earlier this month a US court ruled that Oculus had used ZeniMax's code without ...

US state attorneys pressed Google to name workers who wrote the "snooping" code that captured personal data from wireless networks while Street View cars mapped streets.

"Google's responses continue to generate more quest...

Purdue University researchers, working with high-performance computing experts at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, have created an automated program to "debug" simulations used to more efficiently certify the nation's nuclear weap...