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An act to be performed by a player for another player or NPC, that will give them a specified reward upon completion.

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World Review: Adventure Quest
World Review: Adventure Quest welcome screen
Adventure Quest is a Hack and Slash, graphical style MUD. The premise is extremely simple. You are a resident of the town of Battleon, and an evil army of untold proportions is marching upon your town. You take up arms to defend it. Yes, the plot is Clich?, but that is deliberate. In fact, everything about Adventure Quest is deliberately clich?. The entire world is dedicated to quick, but satisfying fun.
Rating 75.5

Locally Hosted resource
In our quest to look at mythological creatures from around the world, giving ideas for virtual beings; we encounter a Persian demon which crosses Islamic, Christian and Armenian mythos.

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A 'hands-on' approach to computers
A physorg article, looking at one man's quest to bring augmented reality interfaces for computation into existence - blending the computer interface with the physical world.

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Value on a MUD
The value of objects changes from world to world, depending on intent, style, or any one of a thousand factors. ?The quest token that sends you into spasms of joy will be nothing special elsewhere.? This guide is set up to try and help content creators decide what should be valuable, and why.

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VR Interfaces: Robulab
Robulab by name, sounds like it might be a form of robotic dog. Well, it is not. As the image above shows, its nothing so wildly interesting as that. Yet, what it is, represents something of a paradigm shift that is slowly taking place in the quest for more mainstream robotics.

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Tasks: a new variety of quest
?as a general guideline, tasks are smaller than quests. You could compare the range of what tasks could be to what you think a boy-scout does as tasks. Helping the old lady across the street, fetching groceries for that friendly old man, etc. etc.?

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Body 2.0 - Continuous Monitoring Of The Human Body
A detailed and in-depth article by the singularity hub, on the quest for integrating the human body with a sensory network, and what such will mean for us as individuals, health and life-wise.

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Towards General Purpose Vision
The five-year tale of Bob Mottram's quest to create a general purpose machine vision with two eyes, able to see the world how humans do.

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Book Quotes: Refusing to See - AI Rights
Idoru is, essentially, one long piece on the struggle to understand the quest for robot rights ? or in this case, the rights of an AI itself, from an outsider?s perspective; from the perspective of one who refuses to accept the AI as other than a tool, despite all evidence to the contrary.

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My Bionic Quest for Bol?ro
Industry News

In October 2005, Wired magazine featured the four-page story of Michael Chorost, a man who fought to revolutionise artificial hearing, and who has relied upon a computer surgically installed inside his skull. Called a cochlear implant, this routine replacement has 16 electrodes that snake inside the inner ear, and plenty of room for improvement.


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Intel today announced an important advance in the quest to use light beams to replace the use of electrons to carry data in and around computers.

Intel Corporation today announced an important advance in the quest to use ligh...

ELAD, or extracorporeal liver assist device, powered by human liver cells, is a promising entry in the decades old quest to rebuild a human liver, artificially.

It "comes closer to replacing the amount of liver" people need...

The quest for artificial intelligence continues with a new competition to design computer programs that can play the classic NES Super Mario Bros. game. Organized by Julian Togelius at the IT University of Copenhagen, the Mario AI Competiti...

In a gleaming white factory, Bob Peters was gently feeding sheets of chemical-coated foil one afternoon recently into a whirring machine that cut them into precise rectangles. It was an early step in building a new kind of battery, one smal...

"Human Trials" is a unique virtual reality psychodrama in which duplicitous characters try to disempower a human participant on a journey to the "liminal portal of the unconscious" in a quest for her "Heart's Desire."