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Reflection mapping

Reflection mapping is a use of texturemapping to create a substitute reflection. Rather than ray trace lighting back from each pixel/voxel of a surface, to see what objects it bounces off of on the way back to the light source (which creates a true-to-life reflection effect), a computationally cheap method is to pre-render a texture which looks like the environment opposite the ?reflective? object should do, and then just apply that to the object.

Disadvantages include an inability to see dynamic objects such as user avatars or vehicles reflected in the ?mirror?, and the inability for the object to self-reflect.

See also: Texturemap

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Reflection mapping


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Zen and the Art of Spiral-Carved, Green Marble Incense Burners
A humourous yet apt article on the materialness of a world. How can any world design be taken seriously, when there is no coded reflection of the material underpinnings of it?

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A Closer Look At Parallax Occlusion Mapping
An in-depth Gamedev article, containing step by step coding advice for implementing parallax occlusion mapping to textures, such that the simulated heights can even self-occlude.

This book is an attempt to cross-reference the techniques of mapping and charting the physical world, with attempts to chart cyberspace. All of cyberspace, from individual virtual environments, through to the world wide web, as a single cohesive whole, a second world of many worlds, for others to explore, possessing the maps to do so.

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AR Gimmicks > Epson New Year Cards
Epson rounded off 2009 with a novel marketing strategy utilising virtual mirror technology. The standard type of kiosk-based visual AR, virtual mirrors utilise a camera and a large flatscreen display (the mirror) to superimpose virtual data upon the reflection returned. The idea? To create AR New Year's cards to send.

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Augmented Reality Mapping: Tokyo's Nameless Streets
Tokyo. Quite possibly, the birth place of the true sensor web. Birthing, right now.

Complete Website: mmogchart.com
A small web service, dedicated to mapping the statisics on practically every MMO out there: Subscribers, active subscribers, market share, and a whole lot more. Comparisons available in xls format.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Beyond: The Matrix VR Map
This image is all about mapping, and more specifically how to preserve all necessary high level information in a virtual environment, in a cut down form, to allow easy oversight.

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Parallax Textures, Made with Camera Flash
A new method of creating parallax mapping has been demonstrated, which can automatically create parallax texturemaps from ordinary photographs.


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