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Remote Controlled Weapon

A Remote Controlled Weapon or RCW is basically what happens when you militarise a waldo. These teleoperated devices are used to protect installations or kill enemy soldiers / destroy enemy vehicles whilst the operator is somewhere safely away from all the fighting.

Slowly RCWs are being transferred to operation by AI systems rather than human operators. The AI can identify and track potential targets, manoeuvre one or more RCWs under their control into pointing at them, load it and make it ready to fire. However they typically require approval from a human operator before they actually open fire. This is due to the limited intelligence of the weak AI, limitations in distinguishing objects with machine vision, and a normal cultural requirement to have a person ultimately responsible for firing live rounds.

See Also: Weak AI, Neural Network, Machine Vision, Waldo, Teleoperated Device

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Remote Controlled Weapon


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Large Image Display: The Stepford Wives: Remote Controlled Human
Here we have a remote control, used to control what was originally a human, now just a glorified appliance. If the idea of a remote being used to control a human seems preposterous, remember GVS.

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Large Image Display: Sol Bianca: F-310 Mega-Arms Neural Interface Gun
An in-depth technical look at the neural-controlled weapon in Sol Bianca. How it would actually function, and the basics of how we would go about recreating it in functional form, from technology available today.

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All-in-Premium Remote
It had to happen sooner or later; a remote control with an inbuilt television screen for the truly lazy. At CES 2010, Samsung delivered on what is basically one such device. Designed to work with Samsung's 9000-series flatscreen TVs, the remote is essentially a mini pad computer, with a design not too dissimilar from an iPhone.

The Sinulator was the first of a new wave of teledildonics devices to be developed in 2004-2005. Essentially a remote-controlled vibrator with a USB socket on the end of a long cable, the Sinulator offers no touching, no hugging, caressing, or intimacy, but offers the first real, thou primative being with your partner through VR.

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Remote-Controlled Humans
Industry News

Industry news from August 2005, featuring the debut of 'galvanic vestibular stimulation' or GVS. GVS is a means of controlling the input sent to the body's balance centres via a pair of devices behind the ears. Capable of tilting your balance to make you think you are moving in any direction at any time, GVS offers many hopes for cheap, mass-market movement simulation.

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Augmented Vision Cops
Beat officers, pounding the streets in the UK, have unleashed an AR-inspired weapon on the war on crime.

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Large Image Display:Overview of Remote Neural Propagation
The diagrammatic representation for easy understanding, of how dendrites and axons in the nervous system might be attached to a a remote body via the Internet.

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Book Quotes: Talking Heads
The concept of a talking head is one recognised in current VR development. It appears as either a waldo that can be controlled remotely, or an AI controlled personality.

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Offering The Independence of the Open Road to those to whom Driving is Closed
When questioned on the possibilities of AI controlled cars, a significant proportion of general public individuals have queried the need for them, stating such viewpoints as "driving is a right, not a privilege". How then, can we justify the pursuit of AI controlled vehicles?


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After people have hurled the Wii-mote across the room brandishing it like lemmings, Nintendo have brought out the Wii remote jacket.

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The world's first heart operation to use a remote-controlled robotic arm has been carried out at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester, U.K.

The technique, designed to cure irregular heart beats, involved using a Remote Catheter M...

Chief Deputy Randy McDaniel of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Texas said his department is considering using rubber bullets and tear gas on its drone, CBS DC reports.

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All the remote controls lying around our houses or fixed to our walls can be combined via new standardised middleware. Combined control enables new levels of home support to the elderly and disabled.

Any networked home applia...

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