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Remote Sensing

Remote sensing refers to any sensor system or detection method which operates at a distance removed from the object being sensed, as opposed to the sensor being attached to or integrated into the object. Examples include satellite imaging, machine vision systems, and any position tracking system that does not rely on markers upon the subject's body.

Remote sensing falls into two distinct categories. Passive remote sensing and active remote sensing, each go about collecting the data in different ways. Passive sensors work by recording reflected data such as visible light, infrared or ultra-violet data that is reflected off the item being detected, onto the surface of the sensor itself. Machine vision is an example of a passive sensing system, using reflected visible light to detect items the same as the human eye does.

Active remote sensing on the other hand, project a signal onto the object being scanned themselves, and collect the reflected signals back. Radar and sonar systems are examples of active remote sensing, sending out a signal which echoes back to the detector.

See Also: Passive Remote Sensing, Active Remote Sensing

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All-in-Premium Remote
It had to happen sooner or later; a remote control with an inbuilt television screen for the truly lazy. At CES 2010, Samsung delivered on what is basically one such device. Designed to work with Samsung's 9000-series flatscreen TVs, the remote is essentially a mini pad computer, with a design not too dissimilar from an iPhone.

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Large Image Display: The Stepford Wives: Remote Controlled Human
Here we have a remote control, used to control what was originally a human, now just a glorified appliance. If the idea of a remote being used to control a human seems preposterous, remember GVS.

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Large Image Display:Overview of Remote Neural Propagation
The diagrammatic representation for easy understanding, of how dendrites and axons in the nervous system might be attached to a a remote body via the Internet.

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Shoot to Thrill: Bio-Sensory Reactions to 3D Shooting Games
A report on working out which 3D shooting videogames most engaged the player, and why this was so, using brain monitoring EEG and bio-sensing technology to measure engagement and emotional and cognitive responses.

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Medical Implant Powered by Music
It is certainly an odd idea, but a rather effective one: Power a medical implant, with the beats of whatever song you happen to be listening to at the time. That in a nutshell is what Purdue university researchers have done with their latest prototype sensing device.

Motus are moving in on the motion sensing capabilities of 3D pointers for home PCs. Inspired by the Nintendo Wii?s popularity, their Motus Darwin, a mainstream 3D pointer, takes a slightly different approach.

This book is basically a mixture of electronics guide and augmented reality bible. Not so much about the visual aspects, but about the ubiquitous computing platform, intelligent objects and sensor web.

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VR Interfaces: AirStrike
AirStrike is a gesture control system designed to enable control of any pc or display interface via waving your fingers in the air, and smart sensing technology to detect those gestures accurately enough to completely replace a computer mouse or 3D pointer.

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Indoor Totally-Autonomous UAV Plane
Researchers working at MIT have cracked one of the most difficult challenges in autonomous aircraft sensing and AI to crop up since self-piloting aircraft first came about. They have devised a method whereby fast-flying UAV planes can detect their environment and react swiftly enough to be able to fly indoors, dodging both static and moving obstacles as effortlessly as any human pilot could.

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Podcast: Johnny Lee: Creating tech marvels out of a $40 Wii Remote
This cast from TED 2008, looks at how the cheap wii-mote can be easily repurposed to do the job of much more expensive VR hardware.


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One small step for mankind is now a leap for averting natural and man-made disasters on earth. New Tel Aviv University technology combines sophisticated sensors in orbit with sensors on the ground and in the air to create a "Hyperspectral ...

David Bruemmer and Douglas Few, two U.S. Department of Energy scientists in Idaho say they have adapted technology from Nintendo's Wii remote to control Packbot, a robot with bomb disposal capability.

The scientists said ope...

Sony on Tuesday demonstrated a prototype motion-sensing videogame controller, as the maker of PlayStation consoles joined rivals in a trend away from playing with complicated buttons and joysticks.

Sony Computer Entertainment...

A team of Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists has refined remote sensing tools for identifying invasive Ashe juniper shrubs and trees in central Texas and nearby regions. These findings can help rangeland managers determine the e...