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To convert a vector scene into a pixel scene.

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3D accelerator

3d Architectural Program

3D Game Engine

3D projection

3D Rendering Engine

3D Texture

Adaptive Resolution

Alpha Translucency

Alpha Transparency

Anisotropic Shading

Attenuation Coefficient

Attenuation Map

Back-Face Culling

Backface Removal

Backwards Raytracing

Beauty Pass

Bezier curve


Binary Space Partitioning

Bounding Volume


Bundle Adjustment

Cache Thrash

Cast Shadow

Caustic Shading



Clipping plane

Colour Filter

Colour Pass

Coplanar Technique

Crowd Simulation



Depth Blur

Depth Buffering

Depth Fog

Depth Map

Depth Pass

Diffuse Pass

Diffuse Reflective Coefficient


Direct Light

Directional Light Source

Dolly Shot

Dynamic LOD reduction

Early Ray Termination

Empty Space Skipping


Fill Rate

Focus Blur


Frame Buffer

Frames Per Second


Full Screen Anti Aliasing

Full Screen Bloom

Fullscreen Effect

Gaussian Blur

Geometrical optics



Graphics pipeline



Hidden Surface Removal

Hider Algorithm

Hierarchical Radiosity Algorithm

High Dynamic Range Imaging

Highlight Pass



Indirect Light


Isotropic Shading

Kinetic Organic Interface


Layer Fogging

Lens Blur

Level Of Detail

Lighting Pass


LOD Geometry

LOD Geometry System

Lower Extremity Functional Electrical Stimulation

Luminance Clipping





Monoscopic Mode

Motion Capture

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Non Real-Time Rendering

Non-Interactive Parallel Rendering

Non-Photorealistic Rendering


Occlusion Culling

Overlapping Faces

Painter's Algorithm

Parallel Rendering


Perlin Noise

Perspective projection

Photorealistic Texturing

Physically Based Rendering

Pictorial Format Avionics

Pixel shader

Planar Map

Planar mapping

Point Light Source

Polygon Count Issue

Polygonal Modeller

Pre-Integrated Volume Rendering


Priority Fill

Procedural Animation

Ray Optics

Real-Time Rendering

Reflection mapping

Reflection Pass

Region Rendering

Relief Mapping

Relief Texture Mapping

Render Fog

Render Layer

Render Once

Render Pass



Reverse Painter's Algorithm

Scanline Rendering

Scene graph

Scientific Visualisation


Shadow Mapping

Shadow Pass





Space to Space

Spatial Data

Specular Coefficient

Specular Pass


Spot Light Source



Subsurface scattering

Surface Rendering

Synthetic Vision System


Triangles Per Second


Vertex shading


Virtual Clay

Virtual colonoscopy

Visible Surface Determination

Visual Database

Volume Caustics

Volume Raycasting

Volume Rendering

Volume Segmentation

Volumetric Caustics

Volumetric Model

Volumetric Modelling

Voxel Sculpting

Voxel Sculpture

Voxel-Based Morphometry


Wire Frame Outline






Zooming User Interface



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Locally Hosted resource
The Adventures of Andre and Wally B
In 1984, there was a passive CG short film, created by the Lucasfilm Computer Graphics Project, which some years later became Pixar. It was one of the very first CG presentations ever made, and used a borrowed supercomputer - the Cray - to render.

Linked resource
Render Unto Caesar
Virtual worlds have shown themselves to have very real, and fairly powerful market forces when it comes to items from within them being traded openly on the internet. Time to stop arguing about the value of virtual, and start worrying about the reality of the virtual?

Linked resource
Pleasures of the Flesh #1: An Introduction
Finally someone says it; something we have all really known for years, but never admitted: "Being unaware of the world around you will not make you more creative or ensure originality. It will instead render your creations shallow, and your ideas uninformed." Make sure if you read nothing else today, you read this one!

Linked resource
Hemisphere Lighting With Radiosity Maps
Rendering of lighting in outdoor scenes is a paramount concern. To truly be realistic, the light levels constantly vary, and the sun (or suns) are not usually even the primary lightsource! All that adds up to is a computational disaster, unless some way is found to render lightsoure data quickly, and easilly....

Linked resource
Render Smoke And Fog Without Being A Computation Hog
Computer scientists from UC San Diego have developed a way to generate images like smoke-filled bars, foggy alleys and smog-choked cityscapes without the computational drag and slow speed of previous computer graphics methods.

Locally Hosted resource
WI-MAX Promises to Transform America?s Internet
Several of the larger technology companies, including Google, are joining together for the Clearwire project; an effort to develop a nation-wide Wi-MAX network intended to render cable or phone line Internet obsolete and set the stage for free Google net access supported by advertising alone.

Locally Hosted resource
Large Image Display:Chrysalis (2007): Switching to Scans
Part two of a four part series taking a look at the French film Chrysalis and the views expressed within on how a telesurgical operation would work. Part two looks at the display technologies used to render the patient on the surgeon's end and compares to technologies we have today.

Linked resource
Polish in MMOs: Completing the Dang Product
World of Warcraft is a popular topic in the persistent, online world sphere. It?s a popular topic because it continues to succeed massively, year in, year out. People are keen to know what it does so well. The answer may be, polish. (polish (v): to render (an object) finished).

Locally Hosted resource
Robotic maneuvers render shorter scar, recovery time after heart surgery
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted 10-08-2004, deemed too important to allow to fade. WESTON -- Doug Sherman had coronary bypass surgery on a Friday and was home by Monday. A week later, he went back to work as an optician in Boca Raton. This unheard-of recovery time is all thanks to AR (Augmented Reality) surgery.

Locally Hosted resource
Simplicity Versus Realism in Medical VR
We are so caught up in our desire for ever greater realism and ever greater accuracy when using VR and modelling tools to render the human body for diagnosis in whole or in part, that we often forget the benefits of simplicity. HemoVis, a medical VR tool for assessing weak points in the coronary system, achieves far better results with a 2D system than 3D with all the bells and whistles used more commonly in diagnosis.


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Researchers from Torino Polytechnic, an Italian University, have developed a distributed processing system that allows palmtop computers to display 3D environments. Graphics processing has always been far beyond the capabilities of palmtop ...

Adobe Systems, the company famous for tools like Photoshop and Acrobat Reader, is developing software that could bring the power of a Hollywood animation studio to the average computer and let users render high-quality graphics in real time...

Brussels, capital of Belgium, home of VRcontext, the firm which created, and continues to refine Walkinside, the feature rich tool designed to render complex 3D CAD files into virtual reality environments, to truly explore the products.

In the US, a new image of the phone companies is struggling to be born; a company that iss prompt, friendly and hands-on helpful.

Struggling to retain customers in the new broadband world, some of the american bells - massive...

OnLive, a Palo Alto, CA-based startup wants to do away with gaming consoles, game resellers, and the need to buy any more expensive graphics chips. Today the company announced a service that lets any computer run the sorts of graphics-inten...