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Also sometimes called Role-Play or Role Play, it means the art of playing a role - donning a life other than your own like an actor taking on a part. As a Role-player, you behave like that person, talk like them, even hold their world views within that world. Core roleplaying is sometimes known as RPI - Role Play Intensive, and in these situations your Out of world character (OOC) is totally ignored.

Relatively few people can carry out RPI to any real extent, but anyone can have a go, and once you start trying role play, many find it is really the most truly rewarding form of play.

The character you play through role play may be one of your own devising, or it may be a role assigned to you by the world.

See also Role Play, Role-play, or RP

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Morality and Consequences
In-Character Actions equal In-Character Consequences - ICA=ICC. This is the cornerstone of roleplay - what you do in character reflects what happens in character. This said, morality in roleplay does not get a second glance. Why not? That's a complex one...

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Why Do I Roleplay?
The author explains their personal experiences of the benefit of role-play. This article deserves a read.

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A Brief History of Roleplaying, Part One
This, the first in a series on the evolution of Role-Play looks at where we have come from, at the origins of the modern roleplay systems used by near enough every world.

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Player-Driven Class Alliance System
A definition document for an interesting, and incredibly dynamic approach to classes and guilds, within a roleplay setting.

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Actors and Reactors
A look at the four essential qualities of true Roleplayers: Awareness, Interaction, Goals, and Incentive. Without these put into the characters by their players, you have persona play, not roleplay...

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Rule making of roleplaying
The rules for roleplay are no different than the rules for any other complex system. Unless those are clearly laid down from the start, things quite quickly degenerate into primordial chaos.

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The Taoist Storyteller
A LARP or a MUD is a very different storytelling environment to a tabletop roleplay. When it comes to storytelling, or guiding the plotline of a world whose players are often out of earshot or completely unpredictable, an entirely different approach is necessary.

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Role-Play vs. Multi-play
An argument that playing multiple characters or alts on a roleplaying world, decreases the ability to roleplay in any depth. Well reasoned.

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Roleplay Avatars with Emotion
A 'super emoticon' system for online chat, using photos and morphing them to create emotions, works just as well with CGI pictures as it does with faces, opening the way for facial expressions in roleplayed humanoids.

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Roleplayability in Muds
A guide for how to enable true roleplay within the static confines of a computer-mediated world. The lessons this short article teaches are immortal. They were true then; they are true now.


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It had to happen really. The first major MMO designed on the old AD&D roleplay concept. Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach, the product of Turbine and SAKURA Internet has launched in Japan.

Dungeons & Dragons Online: Storm...