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Rubber Hand Illusion

The rubber hand illusion is a method to fool the mind into thinking a false hand is a part of their body. A victim?s own hand is hidden from their sight, under a covering or panel, and a fake hand is visibly displayed in front of them.

A third party then strokes the fake hand, and simultaneously, the victim?s real hand is stroked in the exact same manner.

When asked to point to their own hand, the victim will choose the fake hand, as their sense of self believes it is theirs from the stimuli of optic nerve and touch. Proprioception, the subconscious feeling of where each part of the body is; gets overruled.

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Rubber Hand Illusion


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Self Recognition as a Perception Issue
A study on rubber hand illusion as applied to the face, which raises further questions about the nature of self, providing further evidence that who we are and who we perceive ourselves to be, are not as intertwined as once thought, and both are subject to change based on sensory stimuli.

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Changing Self Perspective with VR
A key set of experiments building on the rubber hand illusion, have opened the floodgates for full sensory immersion - proving that the brain will identify with the body it perceives itself to be in, not necessarily the body it is housed in.

Rubber hand, rubber body, rubber arm, rubber leg. Time and time again, studies have shown that even if a body part is completely fake, completely artificial, if enough of our senses tell us that it is us, then we believe it, consciously and subconsciously. This can easily be exploited by VR, such that what you perceive to be your body, IS your body, even when its really your avatar.

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RAPHaEL Hand > Compressed Air and Rubber
The RAPHaEL hand, or Robotic Air Powered Hand with Elastic Ligaments was constructed by Virginia Tech researchers. Its main claim to fame is a 60psi deft and dexterous movement, with a complete lack of motors. It uses actuators based on the accordion model instead.

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Mobprog faq
Mobprogs, scripting for MUD NPCs - the illusion of AI through triggers. This Mobprog FAQ attempts to answer the issues you will likely face when trying to create the illusion of intelligence this way.

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A Bland World
Walking through the orchard on a warm summer day, the smells of nature in your nostrils, the soft padding of grass underfoot, you reach up a hand, and grab a juicy red apple from a tree, plucking it delicately. You bring it to your nose and smell the fragrance, then you bite into it. It is like chewing rubber. Completely tasteless. No juice, no sweet flesh, you cannot even detect it in your mouth.

Fluidhand is a product of the Orthopaedic University Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany. It is the first complete hand prosthesis in which each finger moves separately, without being a separate unit.

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GPUs: the next frontier in film
Technology and movie-making have always gone hand in hand but the latest breakthroughs are changing the very nature of the process. Those in the industry say that thanks to the role of graphics processing units (GPUs), the director's vision can be more fully realized.

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Bypassing the Uncanny Valley with Hands
In August 2008, the first hand and forearm pairing was achieved which realistically bypasses the uncanny valley for the lower arm, and allows completely realistic movement of the wrist and hand.


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