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Originally derived from German, Uber is slang for 'super', or 'over'. Thus, 'Uber powerful' means Super powerful, or over powerful. The opposite of Nerf.

See Also: Nerf

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Uber has defended itself following accusations that a lack of internal security allowed employees to spy on rides in real-time.

The firm's former forensic investigator made the allegations in a court declaration.

Ride-sharing firm Uber has been told to stop offering passengers self-driving cars in San Francisco, hours after it launched the service.

California regulators warned the company it had to stop immediately and get a state per...

Uber is launching a website outlining how its cars move around cities, in an effort to appease city authorities who have long called for more data sharing.

It will provide data on dozens of cities from next month, to all user...

Shane Kim of Microsoft Game Studios recently let slip that the software giant have been talking to Linden Lab, makers of the virtual world of Second Life about the possibility of allowing millions of Xbox 360 users to access the growing Met...

Friendships can be inferred with 95% accuracy from call records and the proximity of users, says a new report. Researchers fitted 94 mobiles in the US with logging software to gather data. The results also showed that those with friends nea...