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Ubiquitous Computing

Ubiquitous computing, also known as the terms pervasive computing, ambient intelligence, or everyware, is the concept at the heart of augmented reality. It is the concept of computing power embedded within or directly physically associated with every item of clothing, every physical piece of furniture, building, street, or patch of ground the user encounters. An internet of things, which talk to one another and pass information on, silently and continually, operating behind the scenes and there to assist any user when called upon, interfaced with through any device, speech or thought pattern.

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This book is basically a mixture of electronics guide and augmented reality bible. Not so much about the visual aspects, but about the ubiquitous computing platform, intelligent objects and sensor web.

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Living in Augmented Reality: Ubiquitous Media and Reactive Environments
An introduction to the notion of expanding the working environment through 'ubiquitous media' such that offices disparate across the country, or multinationally, still function as one office both computationally and physically.

Switch Craft is filled with all manner of home stitch and sew projects, imbruing clothes with computing parts, diodes and electropigment systems. Ideal for the computer geek who augments their own clothes for computing ability with style, and augmented living, wearably.

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Building the Networked World
Bill Thompson muses on the stages of development required to create a ubiquitous network infrastructure, within both the EU and wider world.

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The Future of Clinical Computing: A Vision from Panasonic
An interview between Medgadget and Panasonic, on Panasonic's 2008 vision for the future of clinical computing.

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Ubiquitous Lifesigns Monitoring
Embedding electronics directly into fabrics, and weaving intelligent clothing is quite possible these days. Thus, it is not a great step to envisage clothes which continuously monitor your vital signs, and relay that information to a computer system, also located about your person, or in your house or vehicle.

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Telehealth: Wearable Electrocardiograph Using Body Area Network
Telehealth care and ubiquitous monitoring go hand in hand. Sometimes that leads to the creation of novel technologies. More often, it involves repurposing technologies from several other fields and combining them as one. In the case of the wearable electrocardiograph developed by Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), it's a little of both.

In the natural world, the animal kingdom, and even in humans, almost all learning in the early years, and throughout life, occurs through play, it sticks if you have fun whilst doing it. In modern life, computer mediated environments and games are ubiquitous: In the shops, on the Web, streamed to the desktop, on TV, on the mobile phone and PDA, on the blackberry. However, there is one technological place they are absent: The modern school classroom.


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It is possible your computer could track your movements around the house by monitoring the electrical noise made by household appliances as you switch them on and off.

"The problem I see with a lot of ubiquitous computing re...

September 5th 2012 - September 8th 2912 (Wednesday through Saturday)
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Ubicomp is the premier outlet for novel research contributions that advance the state of the art in the design, development, depl...

Nancy Lan-Lan Ma, a student at Keio University in Japan, demonstrates her product, Cheeron++, at the UbiComp in Orlando, Fla. Sorry, Elmo, the dolls of the future are not just for tickles.

Take, for example, the Cheeron++, a ...

May. 17, 2010 - Helsinki, Finland

We invite you to the fourth International Workshop on Ubiquitous Virtual Reality 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. IWUVR2010 will be held as part of the Pervasive 2010 conference.


As computer networks become more complex and pervasive, and their development is in a state of constant flux, leaving their design and management to human intervention is becoming increasingly unfeasible. An EU-funded project has come up wi...