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VR Application

The term 'VR Application' can mean either of two things:

1. A VR application is a fairly complex piece of software running on both the interface and application layer of a computer system, designed to simulate a world to a high degree of fidelity, and including either interface methods, or plug ins for interface methods to capture the senses of the user and redirect them such that the user feels present in the world the application is creating.

2. VR Application refers to the application of VR in any circumstance, such that its use brings ideally positive consequences to a given field or endeavour.

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TwittAround is a novel AR application, combining the technologies of visual augmented reality, Geolocation, Twitter, and the iPhone.

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Doom: An Indicator of Change
A look at Doom, the iconic videogame that acted as a killer application for 3D first person and multiplayer immersion for the mainstream, back in 1993.

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AR Sights
AR Sights is a novel application for augmented reality that ties into Google Earth landmarks. It requires an internet connection, a printer and some form of computer-connected camera system. This could be a web cam, an iPhone, an AR HUD, or any similar device.

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AR: Object Recognition in Real-Time
Using a process of machine vision, not altogether different from OCR, a Santa Monica, California, based company has created an application which identifies physical world objects held in front of a camera-phone, regardless of orientation.

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Arhrrrr - An AR Shooter without Magic Symbols
Magic Symbol technology is the cornerstone of augmented reality devices, so to stumble across an application that at first glance doesn't use them, seems incredible. What's more the same app interacts with physical objects at a previously unprecedented level - and that is the secret to its success.

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Book Quotes: Virtual Perfect Health
A quote from a cyberpunk novel has profound implications which stand up to scrutiny for actual sensory replacement. The ability to give the feeling of having a good body, of being physically fit, well, and beautiful to someone who is perhaps none of the above, would be a tremendous killer application, and perhaps extremely habit forming.

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eStadium: Using Smartphones for the first Augmented Stadiums
On the 7th November 2009, the eStadium application for iphones went live for the first time. It is a novel concept, designed to turn sporting events into augmented reality centres with a minimum of infrastructure in place.

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Coffey and Virtalis team up to bring Virtual Reality to Mining: Exposibram 2009
A valuable insight into how two firms tackle a new industry, in promoting and pushing application of VR technologies, devoted to the mining and mineral extraction industry.

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7 Reasons Your Boss Should Send You to Sex Conferences
A teledildonics article, work-safe if necessary, ontlining seven reasons sex conferences are a very very good idea if you are planning an erotic virtual world, hardware or looking to create a killer application that people will truly desire to use.

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Book Quotes: Electric Sleep & Biofeedback
A book quote from Arthur C Clarke's Profiles of the Future on an 'electric sleep apparatus' piqued our interest, and we can verify the devices do exist, along with some our our thoughts on application of the technology in VR.


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An Italian priest has developed an application that will let priests celebrate Mass with an iPad on the altar instead of the regular Roman missal.

The Rev. Paolo Padrini, a consultant with the Vatican's Pontifical Council fo...

The program, which can be downloaded from Apple's online application store, lets iPhone and iPod Touch users read the same electronic books, magazines and newspapers that Kindle owners can buy on Amazon.com. As with the Kindle, the iPhone ...

There's a new application for Apple's iPhone and it comes from the White House of President Barack Obama.

"The White House App delivers dynamic content from WhiteHouse.gov to the palm of your hand," White House blogger Da...

It seems that the internet browser is finally growing up, and becoming a platform from which a sensor web can be interfaced with, and virtual environments can work with without data bottlenecks and hanging.

Firefox 3.1 takes ...

Google Inc. says Apple Inc.'s top marketing executive rejected its Google Voice application because it duplicates the dialer on the iPhone and could be used as a replacement.

Apple earlier denied it rejected the program, and...