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VR System

A VR system comprises the VR application (or applications), all driver software for handling the interface methods, the hardware it is running on, and any hardware used for interfacing. It is, in other words, a term for the complete system that consists of the VR and the machinery that allows interface.

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Cells with double vision
Unlike in the peripheral nervous system, where cells are often unable to distinguish which branching pathway an electrical system is travelling from, the central nervous system makes use of sophisticated internal networks not too dissimilar from an IP record, to differentiate between nervous pathways.

This book is very much a holistic first-timer?s guide to creating a hideously complex system ? a full virtual reality. The book describes a VR system as ?a system that provides a synthetic experience for its user(s)?, a definition which could not possibly be any broader.

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A Realistic Equipment System
One person?s take on creating an inventory system that emulates reality.

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Virtual Manniquin - You!
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted 02-02-2004, deemed too important to allow to fade. Tired of battling with wardrobe accessories in crampt changing rooms? Fed up of trying oh-so-carefully not to damage items whilst your body does its best to get in the way, and the stall is falling apart around you? VR may have a solution, in the form of a system developed by Toshiba. The company is developing a 3D, realtime system uses video cameras to create a virtual copy of your body on a screen, and not only moves with you, just as a mirror would, but also tries on clothes, without you having to. The system is still at an early stage, but it could in use in stores within three years.

The human brain is the ultimate legacy system, with bodges, klonks, workarounds and kludges forcing it to work as a (mostly) cohesive system.

SonixTouch is a portable touch screen system, that can be customised by the clinician, into any display method, and compatible with any general purpose or specific ultrasound medical system. It adapts to process the results from anything.

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Improving LIDAR: Calibrate and Scan
A new technology currently being trialled by the EU, seeks to substantially improve the LIDAR machine vision system's accuracy. To enable the system to differentiate between moving and stationary targets, and prioritise where to scan.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Beyond: Status Update
A sample of the logging routines from Animatrix: Beyond, signaling all the data the machines need to keep a perfect record of what transpired in the system. It serves here as a reminder that when creating your own simulation, you do not have to go overboard and be verbose on the system logs. All it needs is the basic, bare bones information.

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ActiveWorlds: Avatar Movement Restrictions
As one of the major, established social VR platforms on the internet today, ActiveWorlds deserves more than a cursory look at its world system, its strengths and more importantly, its limitations deserve looking at, in detail. This article focusses on the ActiveWorlds Avatar Control System


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Hundreds of universities around the world have used Second Life in the classroom to an extent, but the UT System is the first statewide university system to plunge into the virtual world.

The System purchased 49 islands at $7...

June 21 (Wed.) - 23 (Fri.), 2006, Tokyo Big Sight conference centre, Japan.

Input/Output Technology and Product
? Display Device System
Visual Display, Audio Display, Tactile Display, Dynamic Display

The academic community of the USA will soon have access to one of the most advanced supercomputers on the planet. A Red Storm system from Cray, Inc., capable of approximately 10 teraflops (10 trillion calculations per second) will be instal...

This week GE Healthcare, in partnership with Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and Johns Hopkins University, has unveiled a public disease tracking system that monitors symptoms entered into hospital EMR systems. By combining data fr...

Researchers have developed an effective real-time performance management and feedback system for alpine ski racers that allow skiers to better understand their carved turning skills and improve their performance.

A study in S...