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Vectors are a geometric method for storing and displaying spatial information and object detail as a series of points, lines, and polygons.

This has the advantage of not distorting or losing information as the object is resized, which is a constant issue with raster systems.

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Locally Hosted resource
Podcast: Augmented Reality for Advertisers
This podcast is in the main, created for advertisers by media advertiser specialists. It focusses on augmented reality in the main, but discusses some virtual reality initiatives as well. It shows how AR can really push a product and get customers excited about it in ways other media cannot. It also shows everyone else, how advertising can be seen as a positive vector for the mainstream uptake of this technology.


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Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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Devised by Dan Curticapean and his colleagues Andreas Christ and Markus Feisst of Offenburg's University of Applied Science, a new approach to high throughput VR on mobile phones is being born.

Virtual reality data sent by t...

Our ability to perceive the visual aspects of the environment around us, may actually depend a lot less on eyesight than we thought.

When an object?s shape is identified in your mind, a part of your brain called the LOtv beco...

If mere texting, talking, e-mailing and snapping pictures on mobile devices aren?t enough to satisfy your data cravings, now there?s the prospect of accessing and displaying 3-D virtual reality simulations and animations on them. New inform...

Realism is such a funny word. It can mean precisely emulating the humdrum of normal life, or it can mean increasing immersion, and believability. In this case, its realism of the good kind, the increase in believability thanks to normal map...