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Video Eyewear

Video Eyewear is a very young field. It was born out of a merging of the old HMD industry, and the need for far smaller, more lightweight devices for augmented reality applications.

Video eyewear basically consists of a display system as light as a pair of sunglasses - maybe five to ten ounces total - that slips over the eyes, delivering sterioscopic displays of a film, or virtual environment to the viewer, along with synchronous sound playback to the ears.

To maintain contact with the outside world and prevent total immersion, video eyewear equipment usually maintains a distance from the eyes of two or three centimeters - just enough so the wearer can see over the top of the display if they have to.

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eMagin Corporation's Eyebud 800 personal display system. This is a video eyewear display, which is specifically designed to interface with an ipod.

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VR Interfaces: Vuzix iWear AV 310
In November 2008, Vuzix (formerly Icuiti) launched two new additions to their video eyewear range, designed to make you look like Geordi La Forge from Star Trek. One of these new HMDs, the AV 310, is something of a first. It is a widescreen head mounted display, specifically designed for 16:9 format.

The first of the ?video eyewear? phenomenon, the Icuiti V920 arrived in the world in early 2005. This thin strip was the first time the concept of a hybrid head mounted / heads up display had been launched. It turned out to be quite a nice unit, certainly betterthan many attempts since.

Bad name puns aside, CamAR is exactly what it sounds like. Its an augmented reality camera system. Designed by Vuzix, it clips onto the outside of their VR920 virtual reality video eyewear, turning the 400 usd device into an augmented reality visor.

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VR Interfaces: CyberMan GVD510-3D
Released December 2005, the CyberMan GVD510-3D head-mounted display is a stereoscopic display unit, with a resolution of 640 x 480. Made by Kopin Corporation, China, this unit is essentially part of the new trend of video eyewear, combining HUD and HMD in one device.

Good Video Games and Good Learning is a book dedicated to deep insight about games and learning. Whether you are creating games, simulations, or full blown multi-user virtual environments, this book is invaluable.

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Making an Electronic Whiteboard with the Wii
A video has been posted by Gametrailers.com, made by Johnny Chung Lee of Carnegie Mellon University. The video is a talk-though of demonstrations on how to use a Wii to create an inexpensive, interactive whiteboard for classroom use.

Video gaming has received a lot of high-publicity bad press. It has also received as much, if not more, low-publicity good press and praise for the good uses of gaming environments with computers. As social virtual worlds are still considered to be video games by many non-users, this bad press invariably knocks onto social VR and VR gameworlds like MUDs, and the large MMOs.


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(Press Release) Jan. 5, 2005--Icuiti Corporation, a world leader in personal display solutions, today announced the North American introduction of the World's first "Video Eyewear" at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Icuiti V...

Its official, video eyewear is taking off in a big way. The latest of these half-breeds between HMDs and HUDs is Seventh Heaven's 'Portable Home Theatre'.

A monoscopic unit, this eyewear unit, actually closer to a HMD than...

Another Video-Eyewear headset was released this month, the CyberMan GVD510-3D. Sterioscopic, with a resolution of 640 x 480, the GVD510-3D comes out of Kopin Corporation, China.

It offers, in much the same way as all video ey...

The Japanese eyewear company behind Sarah Palin's designer glasses has come up with a high-tech solution for obsessive video-gamers and bookworms whose eyes dry out from lack of blinking.

Masunaga Optical Manufacturing Co. L...

Stroboscopic training, performing a physical activity while using eyewear that simulates a strobe-like experience, has been found to increase visual short-term memory retention, and the effects lasted 24 hours.

Participants i...