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View Distance Fogging

View distance fogging is a simple fogging method that quickly fades out objects that are beyond a set viewing distance from the user?s viewpoint. The primary purpose is to hide the far clipping plane by smoothing it out in a more natural manner.

See Also: Fogging

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View Distance Fogging


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Photo Distance Represents Trustworthiness
In a finding that is of particular importance when combined with various attempts to create a personalised avatar by mapping photos of your own face to it, University of California researchers have discovered that the distance between the photographer and the subject is crucial to the trustworthiness of the resulting picture.

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Indusgeeks: Distance Learning through SecondLife
Indusgeeks has built a platform on Second Life that enables students in distance-learning programmes to plug into a simulated environment replicating and enhancing physical life learning processes

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Long Distance Relationship Aids: Mutsugoto
Romantic keep-a-lives for long distance relationships have come in the shape of lamps that glow when one partner thinks of the other, flashing icons on one another's desktop that glow brighter when the other clicks theirs, and so on. A new attempt to enter that space, is Mutsugoto, an augmented reality drawing program.

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Using the Wii to View Patient Images
When you stop and think about it for a moment, the most logical and intuitive way to view a collection of pictures - which is what most radiology scans consist of - is to reach out with your hand and sift through them.

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PiVOT: Personalised View Overlays for Tabletops
Developed by researchers at the University of Bristol 's Interaction and Graphics department, PiVOT is a project designed to allow a group of people to interact with the same interactive display table system,by providing a personalised view of the data space on the table to each user, but at the same time, providing a central, shared view of the data so everyone can see the big picture.

World Review: Furcadia
World Review: Furcadia welcome screen
Furcadia is a third-person perspective world - you view your character from above, in an isometric view.

To connect and participate in Furcadia is free, however, there are many alluring extras, add-ons for your characters, available for purchase.
Special Client Required

An eminently accessible book, this slimline, 200 page tome uses casual friendly language to describe the view rather contrary to mainstream imagery, that videogames are producing a generation of businesspeople unlike any who have come before. The mindset of the gamer is producing successful business people with a paradigm shift in view to the older generations.


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Oculus Rift secured its target of $250,000 (£160,200) within its first f...

A formal complaint about Google's Street View has been sent to the Information Commissioner (ICO). Drawn up by privacy campaigners, it cites more than 200 reports from members of the public identifiable via the service.


The image of an object, when projected into the eyes, may take on the most diverse shapes depending on the chosen point of view, as this can change its distance, perspective and so on, yet generally we have no difficulty in recognizing said...

(Press Release) QuantaCAD puts reality into your design software by enabling facilities digitised using laser scanning to be accessed as high-definition Laser Models and photo-realistic Laser Images.

By accessing the Digitis...

Anton Zeilinger’s group (Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information at the University of Vienna) has just submitted an arXiv paper claiming that they’ve demonstrated “quantum teleportation“ over a distance of 143 km (89 miles) in ...