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Viewing Angle

The Viewing angle for any display device, is the angle range away from straight ahead, that you can still easily make out the image on the device. Viewing angle is usually represented by two figures. The first, measuring left to right angle, the second above and below angle. Eg. 170' x 120'.

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Viewing Angle


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3-D Modeling Advance: A single photo can be reconstructed into a 3-D scene
Building on the premise of Parallax mapping, in which 3D displacement of surfaces is faked by means of displacing textures both by creating a height map of their protuberance from 3D space and then calculating the angle of that protuberance relative to the angle the observer is looking, Microsoft and Make3D have created a process allowing a single photo to become a 3D scene.

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Star Trek: The Original Series, & VR ~ Errand of Mercy
Errand of Mercy, and the Organians. After viewing the episode, it becomes clear we have seen this again and again - in every MMORPG yet launched. Is 40 years long enough to keep hashing the same old? After all, as the storyline shows, it antagonised those from outside the environment, even then.

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Co-Processors for the Mind: New Directions in AI
The film The Stepford Wives (2004) may be fictional, but it represents an angle that we are now pursuing in our world. Merging man and AI, or more specifically creating AI which can be bonded into the organic brain, such that the two work in harmony to produce something new.

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Simulating the Connection Between Fluid Droplets and a Solid Surface
German researchers develop a simulation that approaches fluid dynamics from a new angle. Considering the makeup of the solid structures the droplets hit, as every bit as important as the physics of the droplet itself.

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NASA to Study People Horizontal for Weeks
In one of those uncommon times when space travel research and virtual reality development collide, the NASA bed rest study program is designed to observe the effects of staying in bed for long periods on healthy individuals. The VR angle is it is an excellent way to gather data about extended periods with the mind plumbed into a virtual reality environment with the body just?there.


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NASA and its Jet Propulsion Laboratory are working on developing an auxiliary endoscope, dubbed MARVEL (Multi-Angle and Rear Viewing Endoscopic tooL), an instrument that will function essentially as a dental mouth mirror designed for endosi...

A research breakthrough means that it is now possible to have truly '3D' monitor displays without needing special glasses, narrow viewing angles, or any other special equipment. Instead, all the work is done inside the prototype unit. ...

(Press Release) Toshiba Corporation announced on Friday a new display technology that allows 3-D images to be viewed on a flatbed display without any need for special glasses. Viewing the display from an angle allows the viewer to experienc...

The sudden popularity of tablet computers such as the Apple iPadŽ has not allowed for the development of guidelines to optimize users' comfort and well-being. In a new study published in Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment, and Rehab...

Most people?s experience with 3D involves wearing tinted glasses in a cinema. But a new technology, which does not require glasses and may enable 3DTV, is being developed by European researchers.

While the first applications ...