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The viewpoints of a simulation or VR are the points from which the user's 'eye' sees out from. All raytracing and geometry renders are focused towards this point or points.

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This book attempts to gather together a range of viewpoints of differing fields to create a holistic picture of whether or not a community that exists in cyberspace can truly be called a legitimate community.

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3D Visual Processing Centre Identified
Detecting 3D is a trait of stereoscopy. Its why humans tend to have two eyes, two different viewpoints create a degree of parallax, and allow us to perceive in 3D. However, motion parallax and movement in all three dimensions is harder to discern than simple 3D structure.

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Offering The Independence of the Open Road to those to whom Driving is Closed
When questioned on the possibilities of AI controlled cars, a significant proportion of general public individuals have queried the need for them, stating such viewpoints as "driving is a right, not a privilege". How then, can we justify the pursuit of AI controlled vehicles?

The Animatrix is a collection of nine short animations, a mix of CG and hand drawn animation, examining different aspects of the Matrix universe. They tend to be thought provoking, looking at other aspects of VR from philosophical viewpoints, a detective story, what-if scenarios, and even a history of the future of the human race.


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A new development ib airport security has profound implications for the rest of us, as Sharp Labs create 3D monitors, which allow the airport staff to see length, breadth and depth of scanned objects from a flat screen.

One o...

Instead of putting the lives of every soldier in a conflict at risk, new research paid for by the U.S. Department of Defense - at least in theory paid for, their government has yet to approve the funding although work has started - will all...

A new brain imaging study published in the journal Brain by scientists at Carnegie Mellon University provides an explanation as to why autistic individuals' use of the wrong pronoun is more than simply a word choice problem. Marcel Just, A...

Often enough it is human nature to conform. This tendency makes us follow the lead of computers, even if the machines give us the wrong advice. This is the finding of a study in Springer’s journal Psychonomic Bulletin & Review that investig...

7th November 2011,
Barcelona, Spain

Problems related to analysis of crowded scenes arise in a variety of contexts. A surveillance system installed in a city center may be interested in detecting individual objects that...