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Virtual Camera

A virtual camera is essentially a camera positioned in a virtual environment, that does not really exist. It is a tethered viewpoint, which may or may not rotate, but is not fixed to any avatar, or user. They provide the ability to watch your own avatar or the avatars of others, from a space fixed within the virtual world.

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Virtual Camera


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Improving Robotic Surgery by integrating Augmented Reality Elements
Robotic surgical procedures are carried out with the aid of a camera system attached alongside the tools on the robotic arm that is inserted into the body of a patient. A surgeon carries out the operation by seeing through the camera's eye. As such, augmented reality systems have always seemed a good fit to overlay a virtual representation of the patient's innards, along with the full size and shape of the target area, on the display screen. However, the difficulty of AR object recognition inside the body has always proven too much of a hurdle. Until now.

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3D Cameras will make Virtual Worlds Easier to Use?
A counterpoint to the recent hype about availability of 3D positional camera interfaces for mainstream virtual worlds by 2009-2010. A good idea? Yes, but lets not get carried away.

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A Camera that Detects Vital Signs
Originally designed with Olympic events in mind, the INCA camera is a tiny recording device that is also perhaps the first SimStim device in existence. It is capable of interfacing with any body area network to record metadata of temperature, heart rate, breathing, potentially even mood of the subject on screen, and transferring that data directly onto the video file itself, as additional data.

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AR Gimmicks > Epson New Year Cards
Epson rounded off 2009 with a novel marketing strategy utilising virtual mirror technology. The standard type of kiosk-based visual AR, virtual mirrors utilise a camera and a large flatscreen display (the mirror) to superimpose virtual data upon the reflection returned. The idea? To create AR New Year's cards to send.

Bad name puns aside, CamAR is exactly what it sounds like. Its an augmented reality camera system. Designed by Vuzix, it clips onto the outside of their VR920 virtual reality video eyewear, turning the 400 usd device into an augmented reality visor.

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Large Image Display: Second Life Animatrix Style
It is easy to see in this image, and most of this scene from Program, the influence of contemporary multi-user VRs such as ActiveWorlds or Second Life, as the camera control in the film tries to mimic them more or less exactly, behind, over and slightly to one side of the avatar that represents your physical body within the virtual, as a parody of third person view.

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NASA Data 3D Flyovers - Preview of Interactive Mars?
Non-interactive, yet dramatic virtual flyovers of NASA's two Mars rover landing sites have been created, using the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's camera, and the principle behind stereoscopic 3D. Might the technology behind them, actually finally be hinting at planetary exploration in VR?

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AR Development > NyARToolKit
NyARToolKit is a complete port of ARToolkit that was written exclusively in Java. This makes it slower in execution than the original, but completely architecture independent. Like the original, NyARToolKit is a library of functions visual interpretation and integration of VR data into physical environments, including real-time camera vision functionality, 3D rendering of virtual objects, and integrating both into the output stream.

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360 degree Full Motion Video Panoramas
The ISIS panoramic camera offers many new possibilities for security - and also for the use and applications of panoramic VR systems.


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A roar of “Gooaaaal!” bursts out of living rooms and bars, before the players celebrate and the successful strike is shown again and again from various different angles. But viewers of soccer games often wish they could have a different vie...

At the NAB Show in Las Vegas, the nanotechnology research center imec presents imec Virtual Camera (iVC), a revolutionary new video technology for dynamic viewing and advanced image manipulation.

Imec Virtual Camera turns the...

A new type of speed camera that does not flash and requires no film is being tested in west London.

The digital speed camera or "d-cam" photographs drivers' faces and number plates and, if it wins Home Office approval, cou...

A recent patent filing by defense contractor Lockheed Martin gives us a peek into a portable virtual reality simulator the company is cooking up.

The patent application is titled: "Portable immersive environment using motio...

Its very hard to overpower the human visual system. The human eye is so advanced, it can easilly differentiate between modern computer displays and windows. Quite possibly, not for much longer.

Researchers from Imaging Soluti...