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Virtual Crime Investigation Unit

VR-based crime and stealing of virtual objects has reached such epic proportions, that several countries have had to set up special investigation police departments, just to deal with the backlog of cases.

South Korea set the first of these up in 2003, and it presently handles 30,000 cases a year.

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My Tiny Life: Crime and Passion in a virtual world is a book with surprising depths. A book about events within a single virtual world, it is actually far more than that. Almost a reference book for the trials and perils that await you, once you embark on life within one

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Augmented Vision Cops
Beat officers, pounding the streets in the UK, have unleashed an AR-inspired weapon on the war on crime.

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VR Interfaces: CyberMan GVD510-3D
Released December 2005, the CyberMan GVD510-3D head-mounted display is a stereoscopic display unit, with a resolution of 640 x 480. Made by Kopin Corporation, China, this unit is essentially part of the new trend of video eyewear, combining HUD and HMD in one device.

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New Nvidia GPU: A Supercomputer in a PC?
The GPU, or graphics processing unit is the heart of any 3D accelerator graphics care. It is a powerful workhorse, frequently more powerful than a PC?s CPU ? central processing unit ? and dedicated solely to graphics. The pace of GPU advancement has picked up substantially in recent years, with Nvidia and ATI Technologies, going at it hammer and tongs, to try and outdo one another.

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Telemedicine Tele-abused
There is a firm, which specialises in phone and telehealth services to help relieve the stress of hospitalisation. They provide a telephone/television unit next to the beds of more than 160 NHS trust hospitals in the United Kingdom. They may well be abusing their priviledged position.

Fluidhand is a product of the Orthopaedic University Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany. It is the first complete hand prosthesis in which each finger moves separately, without being a separate unit.

One of the first mobile clinical assistants to hit the market, was the Philips MCA in 2006. Created as a partnership between Philips and Intel, this relatively primitive wireless data input unit, was designed to be held in one hand, and interacted with by a stylus in the other.

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Speedy 3D X-rays in the operating room
ORBIT, a new motorised arm X-ray system is being trialled at a surgical unit in Germany, where it is successfully allowing surgery to continue uninterrupted whilst millimetre-precise 3D X-rays are taken of the surgical site, as often as the surgeon requires.

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Home-Use desktop 3D Fabricator debuts
Industry News

The age of cheap, home fabrication and rapid prototyping WITHOUT dedicated facilities, may finally be dawning upon us. A cheap, self-assembly unit, costing little more than a new PC, has been developed by a group of US researchers, which actually has superior capabilities to many high-end commercial fabricators.


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A unit launched this month will allow police and juries to visualise crime scenes without having to go there. The Scottish Police Services Authority will explain how a crime took place using animation and 3D reconstructions.


Internet crime has become a major commercial activity, according to a report by computer security company Symantec. The report said cyber crime had become increasingly professional and was now a multi-billion dollar industry.


The rocketing popularity of Linden Lab?s online world has now begun attracting the attentions of those intent on destruction, and even violence, reports the Concorde Monitor.

While anti-capitalist and pro-democracy movements ...

Forensics experts and road-accident investigators could soon revisit the scene of a crime without leaving their office, thanks to a 3D scanner that "paints" a virtual model of the area.

The hand-held scanner makes it possib...

It had to happen really, saddening as it may be, human nature usually wins out Many of you are likely familiar with The Sims Online, the massively Multiplayer version of the Sims, and one of the most promising large -scale virtual worlds...