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Virtual Economy

Virtual economy is a catch-all term for an economy, however real, that exists almost entirely within a virtual reality system. The term is not often used, with synthetic economy being used more often, as the money flow within virtual environments is having a significant, continued, and growing effect on other economies outside of simulation.

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Virtual Economy


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A Fourth Economy
In less than 20 years, the service economy is being replaced with a new model, the 'Experience Economy', a model in which, whilst there is still a place for services, they are not the main act of the economy. Instead, what is is the provision of experiences, memes, sensory indulgances, and a deeply personal and individual type of service.

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Second Life: Virtual Economy Key Metrics, Feb 2007
A compilation of key metrics for Second Life population data, released by Linden Labs for anyone desiring to set up within this environment. Data is in Excel format.

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Cities XL
Gameindustry.biz take a look at Cities XL, Monte Cristo's ambitious product, attempting to combine a traditional city-simulation game with massively multiplayer online functionality, giving players the option to take part in a global, entirely player-dependent global economy.

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Podcast: Juan Enriquez: Beyond the crisis, mindboggling science and the arrival of Homo evolutis
Juan Enriquez' humorous talk from TED 2009, meandering through the state of the economy, developments in stem cells, tissue cloning and robotics - and how they are all connected. Very funny, very poignant. It will not say anything you do not already know, if you have kept up with transhumanist work, but serves as a nice, low barrier introduction.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: The Second Renaissance: Economy of AI
As robot made goods continue to undercut other goods, eventually it reaches the stage where goods made without the use of robots, cannot compete. We saw foreshadowing of this in the 1980s with factory ?robots? that admittedly were nothing more than brainless waldoes operating from a central computer. However, we are starting to see it again as manufacturing robots increase in complexity.

The first generation of digital natives - children who were born into and raised in the digital world - are coming of age, and soon our world will be reshaped in their image. Our economy, our cultural life, even the shape of our family life will be forever transformed.

Julian Dibbell, freelance writer, and author of ?A Tiny Life? and other works chronicling the massive, disruptive impact of virtual lives on both the physical and the virtual. He tried a little experiment: was it possible to make more money from his forays into the virtual, buying and selling virtual items, than he makes as a successful writer?

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Virtual worlds with real purposes
BBC Click examines the creation of a virtual copy of Berlin, intended as a space for virtual tourism.

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Ditching the V-Word
A lovely escapist magazine article about why the ?virtual? in virtual worlds and virtual environments, has outlived its usefulness, and is doing more harm than good, to the industry.

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Mugging ? on a Massive Virtual Scale
Industry News

News from the 18th of August 2005, the first recorded case of a man arrested for mugging a great many people in a virtual world - and then taking their virtual goods, and selling them wholesale on an auction website. Industrial grade mugging - in a virtual world.


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In the Second Life economy, more than $600,000(usd) changes hands every day. Now the virtual world is about to play host to a BBC show about that economy and how people have made substantial money from it.

The possibility of ...

ICYou and Virtway have announced a partnership to create a virtual/augmented reality world with both its own internal economy, and a physical economy added on so it can trade directly with other currencies.

The hope is the co...

Eyjolfur Guomundsson has been working with EVE Online since 2004, when he was struck by the innovative idea behind the gameworld's design ? players would interact with each other to develop and trade the items they need within the game. EV...

Virtual goods such as weapons or digital bottles of champagne traded in the US could be worth up to $5bn in the next five years, experts predict. In Asia, sales are already around the $5bn mark and rapidly growing.

For many, ...

Those of us in the industry, or on its fringes have known about this for some time, but theBBC, a mainstream news service have now picked up the MMO grosse national product per capita (GNP) totals, which show that the largest MMOs actually ...