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Virtual Personal Assistant

A virtual personal assistant is an AI and VR construct. Essentially it is a specialised artificial intelligence, embodied in an avatar, which attempts to organise or plan day to day activities for a given individual.

So far, a handful of such virtual personal assistants have been created, with varying degrees of success.

See Also: Agent

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The PC: Leading the way in home-based graphical immersion
There has been a lot of buzz lately, around the consoles - Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii, as to offering the ultimate gaming experience. Virtual environments, whilst not games, depend on the same hardware performance. So, which platform does offer the best development point for high-end worlds? Is the humble personal computer a thing of the past?

The original intent of the designers of the scent collar was to create an entirely virtual environment controlled, personal scent experience to augment the visual and auditory sensory immersion. It is worn round the neck, and has a number of scent cartridges attached to it.

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Personal and Public Avatars
As the boundaries between virtual lives and physical lives thin and fade for an increasing number of people, the amount of their lives, their passions, their desires that are shared online grows. At the same time, professional interest in VR is at a level unprecedented at any time before, and steadily growing.

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Social VR (Second Life) offers healing, therapeutic options for users
A lengthy, somewhat deeply personal look at the advantages of adding - note not replacing - to your therapy requirements via semi-anonymous sessions in virtual environements. Bonding with other individuals in group sessions accomplishes more when the fear of gossip in the individual's home town is completely removed.

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Why Do I Roleplay?
The author explains their personal experiences of the benefit of role-play. This article deserves a read.

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When 3D Becomes a Busman's Holiday
A succinct quote on the nature of VR, to the point of saying that when it is used in business and education, will we truly desire full VR in personal interaction?

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Medical Clinical Assistants
An overview of Medical Clinical Assistant computers, from their birth in 2006 to the models coming out at the start of 2009.

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pple's latest patent application reveals that they are continuing to look into personal virtual reality headsets.

The February 2008 application is titled "Automatically adjusting media display in a personal display system...

An Illinois Wesleyan University assistant professor has landed the college's largest-ever grant. It'll be used to create a virtual reality program to research what influences a person's decision to use a condom.

The $1.2 m...

The Wireless World Research Forum, an expert group, predicts that people could be using up to a thousand personal devices ? everything from sensors to satellite navigation ? within the next decade. Now European researchers have developed a ...

A little robot which acts like a personal assistant?

Tag your bits and bobs with RFID ? purse, bag, keys, mobile phone, so the robot knows what they are. Then, stand in front of the robot, and its pressure plate will detect y...

When accountancy students at the University of Wollongong need help from lecturer George Mickhail, George is always willing to help. Any queryfrom anyone, on any of thecampusii, at any time of the day or night, is greeted with a smile and a...