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Virtual Studio

A virtual studio is a type of augmented reality used in broadcasting. A physical studio is filmed, and at the same time virtual content is placed in a 3D virtual location, whose viewpoint camera is mapped to the same relative location as the physical camera, in real-time. This gives the virtual content the same perspective.

Physical and virtual content is then overlaid on real time in the feed, as simply as combining two visual channels. This means the actors in the physical studio can see it on the screens as they run through it.

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Virtual Studio


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Inside The Digital Toy Factory - Developing To Deadlines
Denki calls itself a "digital toy factory," not a game developer. In this in-depth post, co-founder Colin Anderson discusses the studio's thoughts on process, including the importance of change, the scientific method, and influences from the old Hollywood studio system as well as theatre.

Storming the Reality Studio has been contributed to by many of the top authors of cyberpunk fiction ? or dystopian prophecy, as has often been the case. It is a mix of short stories, excerpts from larger, notable cyberpunk works, and non-fiction essays on the directions of technology and life, following cyberpunk memes, by those same authors. All in all, over 40 visionary minds have contributed to this book.

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Bye Bye Blue Screen, Hello Virtual Reality
In September 2003, the BBC announced that it had finally found a new technology to replace the age old 'blue screen' - a virtual environment, projected straight on to the studio wall.

Julian Dibbell, freelance writer, and author of ?A Tiny Life? and other works chronicling the massive, disruptive impact of virtual lives on both the physical and the virtual. He tried a little experiment: was it possible to make more money from his forays into the virtual, buying and selling virtual items, than he makes as a successful writer?

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Virtual worlds with real purposes
BBC Click examines the creation of a virtual copy of Berlin, intended as a space for virtual tourism.

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Ditching the V-Word
A lovely escapist magazine article about why the ?virtual? in virtual worlds and virtual environments, has outlived its usefulness, and is doing more harm than good, to the industry.

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Mugging ? on a Massive Virtual Scale
Industry News

News from the 18th of August 2005, the first recorded case of a man arrested for mugging a great many people in a virtual world - and then taking their virtual goods, and selling them wholesale on an auction website. Industrial grade mugging - in a virtual world.

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Virtual Property Theft ? Physical Murder
Industry News

Industry news, from 01-04-2005. Hands up who saw this one coming? That?s right, you can all put your hands down now. Virtual property, existing only in a database server, has long been a hot topic in virtual reality, as to who actually owns it. Now, this case has reached a new level, with the murder of a man accused of stealing a virtual sword.

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A Proposal of Marriage
A short, but pointed article about virtual marriage, both in the difficulties of a real marriage in the virtual, and how the emotional involvement changes things, and then a look at the roleplaying benefits of pretend virtual marriages ? as opposed to real virtual marriages.

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Render Unto Caesar
Virtual worlds have shown themselves to have very real, and fairly powerful market forces when it comes to items from within them being traded openly on the internet. Time to stop arguing about the value of virtual, and start worrying about the reality of the virtual?


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(Press Release) Allows for Universal Interchange of 3D Data with Major 3D Packages; Provides Access to a Wealth of Content and Tools through FBX Partners.

DAZ Productions Inc., developer of professional quality 3D software an...

(Press Release) Allows for Universal Interchange of 3D Data with Major 3D Packages; Provides Access to a Wealth of Content and Tools through FBX Partners

DAZ Productions Inc, developer of professional quality 3D software and...

Di-O-Matic Incorporated have announced the release of 3D facial animation package Facial Studio 1.5, which they claim is now the most complete package for head creation.

Notably ?most complete? does not entail ?most advance...

Kimberly-Clark Corporation today announced the opening of its new Innovation Design Studio, incorporating use of a proprietary virtual reality system to help identify innovations, gain key insights and strengthen customer relationships.

The makers of the Crysis video games series have announced they are opening a new studio in China.

German developer Crytek said its Shanghai base would work on local uses of CryEngine - the software that powers games' graphi...