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Virtual Voice

A virtual voice is a voice created entirely or near entirely by artificial means. Their use is most necessary for those who are naturally mute, have had their vocal cords removed, or those whose stutters or speech impediments make normal communication either impossible or hellish.

Virtual voices also hold great promise for VR environments, especially role-played, in which the voice of the character has to be in sync wit the being the character is, or the immersive experience is destroyed. The voice of an eleven-year-old girl coming out of a ten foot high, heavily muscled male ogre is not conductive to believability.

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Vivox, Bringing Integrated Voice to Virtual Worlds
When it comes to voice, what is best is of course a voice module that can take a virtual voice as input just as well as a microphone - giving those without voices the same level of interaction as those with. That is what Vivox is working on, for Second Life and World of Warcraft.

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Virtual Voice: The Power of Online Communication: A Textual Voice
Textual communication, as exhibited by chat rooms, MUDs, graphic social VRs, and MMOs, is itself a form of voice, a virtual voice. There are many who cannot speak properly, through the many disabilities which can affect voice: ME which wastes muscles away; cerebral palsy, which limits fine motor control; Parkinsons, which plays with signals from the brain to the body, or simple paralysis.

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Virtual Voice: Ultimate RolePlaying Hook
In roleplaying, nothing breaks immersion more than hearing the voice of the player when its not appropriate for the role. The voice of a 10 year old girl coming from the troll about to smack you into next week, or a butch, and manly seductress just breaks immersion entirely. Either online roleplay should be limited to just text whilst everything else goes voice, or a new approach is required.

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Virtual Human? How about Virtual Voice?
Previously featured Industry News from September 2003, looking at the Vocaloid technology - the creation of virtual singers using voice fonts from previous artists.

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A True Virtual Voice: First Steps
Texas Instruments unveiled one of the first steps towards a true virtual voice in early 2008. A collar forming the ability to speak without using the vocal cords.

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Voice Chat Can Really Kill the Mood on WoW
A commentary from Wired magazine on the advent of voice in the gameworld WoW, and how it is destroying the virtual identity ? physical identity threshold. Well balanced for both sides.

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Advanced Speech Encoding
Advanced Speech Encoding, or ASE is designed to reduce the number of bits required to transmit voice signals over a data stream down to the minimum possible. For virtual environments, this would be ideal, as voice traffic takes up huge amounts of packet space, radically reducing the rest of the data flow.

In the modern era of VoIP and face to face communication, we are in danger of losing the power of virtual reality in a kind of mixed reality system. For whatever reason: nationality, lisp, burr, mixed gender heritage or simply being half drunk or high at the time, the market for the voice you emit to be synthetic, to be virtual is huge, preserving the integrity of the virtual world, by keeping the purely physical out.

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Languages in Muds
A look at how to create computationally, a variety of different languages in a themed virtual environment, such that those native to one culture have a language they can communicate in, which only those who learn the language can understand. The article discusses how to set things up so that those who ?speak? it in the virtual, don?t actually have to understand that they are speaking it on a conscious level. Article has text in mind, procedure would work as well for voice.

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Modelling the Songbird's Vocalization Apparatus
Researchers at the University of Southern Denmark are tackling the virtual voice problem from the other end. They are attempting to understand how the zebra finch makes the noises it does, and accomplishes its range of sounds, by capturing the existing organs in its throat, modelling them in 3D, converting to a virtual environment and attempting to animate the model to produce the same sounds via fluid dynamics.


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DARPA is working on a system it calls Advanced Speech Encoding, or ASE, which is designed to reduce the number of bits required to transmit voice signals over a data stream. The immediate effect this technology could have is obvious ? it fr...

Adaptive A.I. Inc. out of California, announced today, plans for the world's first artificial general intelligence call centre. Utilising a virtual interactive voice response to hold relatively smart, productive conversations....

Google helped loosened Apple's tight control over the iPhone a little today by launching Google Voice as a Web app for both the iPhone and Palm OS.

Google Voice provides a single phone number for multiple phones, provides lo...

Ray Kurzweil, prominent voice in accellerating intelligence, spoke to the World Economic Forum yesterday, solely by communicating through a virtual environment, projected round his form, and transmitted across the world using cutting edge t...

Apple Inc. told federal regulators Friday that it blocked the Google Voice program from running on the iPhone because it alters important functions on the device - yet Apple denied that it has rejected Google's application outright.