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Visual Database

Visual Database refers to any database system whose results are displayed graphically rather than as facts and figures. The majority - although by no means all - VR worlds are visual databases, their large/massive collection of data passed through a rendering engine to create a rich, graphical world.

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Visual Database


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Business in VR: Interfacing a Sales Database with a World
A tutorial for those looking to set up business integration with a third party virtual environment, and avoid the common major pitfalls in linking their transaction database for in-world product orders.

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Games Innovation Database - Procedual Content Generation
The Games Innovation Database is a repository of all original innovations in computer gaming. This article looks at Rogue, the first adventure game to ever use procedurally generated content, to create its levels, and why this worked so well.

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Mineralogy Database
Links site to over 5,000 pages of mineral resources. Searchable.

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Resource List: Visual AR Development
Visual augmented reality elements are amongst the simplest AR elements to integrate into the physical environment. That said, tracking and adjusting for a continually changing user viewpoint, without it becoming obvious that the data is superimposed from VR, is a major undertaking.

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Cystal [eye]ball: Precognitive Eyes are Normal
It takes our brain nearly one-tenth of a second to translate the light that hits our retina into a visual perception of the world around us. Because of the 10th of a second delay, an Assistant Professor has developed a case arguing that our visual system needs to do more than just report current events - it needs to see the future as well.

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Poultry.Internet - Human-to-Chicken Pet-Touching Through the Internet
Industry News

Press Releases do not usually make it into the resource database. This one however, is zany enough, and interesting enough to make it, detailing a truly novel use for haptics.

Augmented reality tagging has begun to creep forwards as a technology for some years now. If you can co-ordinate virtual data with physical locations, you can tag something, and correlate to a virtual database. Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a system which is designed as a memory aid for the elderly, to build on this concept.

Complete Website: Mudders' Cave
A site dedicated to player-to-player communication, and a small group of MUDs. An established site, with a precise focus towards the players, not the worlds. Also includes a moderate-sized database of player-names, and an attempt to find out why players leave individual worlds.

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Virtual Property Theft ? Physical Murder
Industry News

Industry news, from 01-04-2005. Hands up who saw this one coming? That?s right, you can all put your hands down now. Virtual property, existing only in a database server, has long been a hot topic in virtual reality, as to who actually owns it. Now, this case has reached a new level, with the murder of a man accused of stealing a virtual sword.

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China's All-Seeing Eye: Sensor Web of Surveilance
China is building a high-tech police state under a massive surveillance and censorship program: "Golden Shield," linking surveillance cameras, the Internet, phones, facial-recognition software, voice recognition data from phone calls, GPS monitoring, and facial photos into a centralized database for every person in China - 1.3 billion faces.


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We take some 80 billion photographs each year which would require around 400 petabytes to store if they were all saved. Finding your cherished shot of Aunt Marjory's 80th birthday party among that lot is going to take some special kind of ...

Lost in the city without GPS? Skyhook Wireless has launched a new Wi-Fi positioning system, (WPS), offering an alternative to GPS for finding exactly where you are.

The WPS database includes the position and unique network c...

As the amounts of data being stored by databases around the world enters the realm of the petabyte (the amount of data stored in a mile-high stack of CD-ROM disks), efficient data management is becoming more and more important. Now computer...

German data privacy authorities have re-opened an investigation into Facebook's use of facial recognition.

The dispute involves the site's use of software to amass a database of its users' faces in order to make photo-tagg...

The British government said Monday it wants communications companies to keep records of every phone call, e-mail and Web site visit made in the country. But it has decided not to set up a national database of the information, a proposal tha...