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Visual Prosthesis

A visual prosthesis is a prosthetic device designed to restore the function of sight to those with damaged or destroyed eyesight. There are a wide variety of such prosthesis available, ranging from attempts to repair or restore the function of the eye, to attempts to ignore the eye completely and transmit directly onto the optic nerve.

See Also: Prosthetic, Bionic

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Visual Prosthesis


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Brain prosthesis passes live tissue test
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted 14-11-2004. The world?s first hippocampus prosthesis has passed the first stages of live testing.

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Resource List: Visual AR Development
Visual augmented reality elements are amongst the simplest AR elements to integrate into the physical environment. That said, tracking and adjusting for a continually changing user viewpoint, without it becoming obvious that the data is superimposed from VR, is a major undertaking.

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Cystal [eye]ball: Precognitive Eyes are Normal
It takes our brain nearly one-tenth of a second to translate the light that hits our retina into a visual perception of the world around us. Because of the 10th of a second delay, an Assistant Professor has developed a case arguing that our visual system needs to do more than just report current events - it needs to see the future as well.

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Neural Reader vs Neurostimulator
Neural readers and neurostimulators. You will never encounter two more opposing types of brain prosthesis. It is ironic then, that these two are perhaps the most frequently confused, by the lay-person.

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A Prosthesis for Speech
Industry News

Industry news from July 2008, deemed too important to allow to fade. Researchers at Boston University are developing brain-reading computer software that in essence translates thoughts into speech.

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Fitting Prosthetics Snugly over Time
Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST in Braunschweig, Germany have developed a sensor system that fits into a prosthesis to analyse gait over time.

Fluidhand is a product of the Orthopaedic University Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany. It is the first complete hand prosthesis in which each finger moves separately, without being a separate unit.

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Robot unravels mystery of walking
A look at the first passive walking robot that walks like a human, rather than stomping around like a robot. Can prosthesis and avatars also benefit from this concept?

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Large Image Display: Teeth Designed for Prosthetic Jaws
The difficulties of implanting a prosthesis deep into the body don't end when the prosthetic is in-place and working. You have to think about the systems that depended on the piece that was removed, to function properly. In the case of a prosthetic jaw, what do you do about the teeth?


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The world?s first hippocampus prosthesis has passed the first stages of live testing.

Designed to treplace brain damage in the hippocampus - memory processor - by replicating the cell patterns in microcircuitry, the chip has ...

Scientists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have created a remote-controlled robot that is able to simulate the "visual" experience of a blind person who has been implanted with a visual prosthesis, such as an artificia...

Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL) is touting its role in the development of the 60 electrode artificial retinal prosthesis, now being trialed by Second Sight of Sylmar, CA. The device is manufactured in batches of 12 on specialty devel...

Two experimental treatments, a retinal prosthesis and fetal tissue transplant, restored some vision to people with blinding eye diseases. The findings, presented at Neuroscience 2009, the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience and t...

Tornier, Inc., has announced the first human implant of a shoulder arthroplasty prosthesis based on pyrocarbon technology. The surgery was performed by leading orthopaedic surgeons in Lyon, France for a patient with humeral head pathology r...