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(American: Visualization)

The most fundamental term for computer-based display, visualisation is the process of turning raw data into pictorial format for easy understanding. Such transformation can be simple as in into charts and graphs, or complex as in into a fully featured, interactive 3D environment.

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VR Interfaces: VRIxp
VRIxp is a medical diagnosis device using what is perhaps a novel form of 3D visualisation. It uses audio analysis of vibration deep inside the body to assemble precise structural detail.

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Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier for Improved Visualisation
When it comes to using chemical or radioactive markers to make parts of the brain easier to see, and more finely detailed with a magnetic resonance scan, your options have been rather limited.

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Plato's Cave
Despite the name, Plato's Cave, is not a CAVE VR. It is instead, a window on world (monitor based) VR experience, designed as a new radiology visualisation interface.

Toshiba's leviathan of a computed topography scanner, Aquilion ONE is an attempt to go beyond the need for multiple scanning tests. The plan is to replace x-rays, CAT scans, nuclear studies, and other visualisation based diagnosis techniques in one swoop.

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Virtual autopsies dissect humans and animals
In 2008, Anders Persson, director of the Centre for Medical Image Science and Visualisation at Link?ping University, Sweden, created algorithmic improvements to CT scans, sharp enough to be used as 3D virtual autopsies.

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Governmental Visualisation > VERDE
The VERDE or Visualising Energy Resources Dynamically on Earth project, was set-up by the American Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2008. Its purpose is to use mixed reality systems, to monitor real-time status of a national power grid.

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When even industry insiders think of virtual reality systems, and of the data visualisation sector in particular, it's the larger, multi-user data worlds with relatively exotic hardware that tend to leap straight into mind, as opposed to the single user software suites that process and display data in 2D or 3D form.

Exploring geovisualization, is a tome dedicated to the visualisation of data. Specifically, visualising data of a physical or non-physical nature, in the format of geographic landscaping ? in other words, highly visual, highly graphical formats.

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Project LifeLike
Project LifeLike, a collaboration between the Intelligent Systems Laboratory at the University of Central Florida and the Electronic Visualisation Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago, is an attempt to create an avatar that completely supplants the physical form of the individual, for remote interaction both in virtual reality and physical space.

This book is dedicated to both virtual reality and augmented reality, as in how both apply to the manufacturing process. Everything from 3D visualisation and pre-manufacture prototyping to 3D printers and revolutionising the manufacture process.


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(Press Release) General Robotics Limited is launching DeepView 2.0 its subsea visualisation software, and DeepLive a real-time data capture module.

DeepView 2.0 is an advanced visualisation and animation tool for creating sub...

(Press Release) Dr. Carolina Cruz, known world-wide as a pioneer in the virtual reality field, will lead the Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise (LITE) as its chief scientist. Administrators at the University of Louisiana at Lafayet...

(Press Release) Lightworks, supplier of rendering solutions for developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software, is pleased to announce that Arc Technology has integrated Lightworks rendering technology within the latest version of the...

Ground-penetrating radar has been used to nondestructively map an ant colony for the first time.

The results have been digitised and fed into an interactive visualisation system so that the colony can be explored virtually, f...

(Press Release) True 3D interaction is now enabled for data visualisation, allowing users to fly ?inside? complex 3D structures using 3D gestures. Visual Technology Services today announces the SpaceXform plug-in module for AVS/ExpressTM (f...