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Visuo-Haptic Mixed Reality

Visuo-Haptic Mixed Reality (or Visuo Haptic Augmented Reality as it is sometimes known) is a branch of mixed reality, in which the virtual objects placed into a physical scene are not merely ghosts that are intangible to the touch, but actively give a feeling of pressure, or even weight when grasped.

Such a feeling is of course derived from a haptic interface working in conjunction with the visual display elements. However, it considerably strengthens the illusion presented.

See Also: Haptics, Mixed Reality

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Visuo-Haptic Mixed Reality


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AbGradCon 2009: Another attempt at Mixed Reality Conferencing
A mixed reality conference - split between a physical location and a single virtual world, occurred between the 17th and 18th of July 2009, when early-career astrobiologists met at the University of Washington in Seattle for the 6th annual Astrobiology Graduate Student Conference, colloquially known as AbGradCon.

In the modern era of VoIP and face to face communication, we are in danger of losing the power of virtual reality in a kind of mixed reality system. For whatever reason: nationality, lisp, burr, mixed gender heritage or simply being half drunk or high at the time, the market for the voice you emit to be synthetic, to be virtual is huge, preserving the integrity of the virtual world, by keeping the purely physical out.

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You Tube of the first haptic, bionic arm versus a non-haptic
A comparison. Two women, both with prosthetic limbs. On the left, a standard prosthetic. On the right, a haptic prosthetic giving touch feedback. Who can complete the task faster, and is there much difference?

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Book Quotes: Assessing Haptic Threshold
An interesting little quote from Mona Lisa Overdrive which provides brain fodder to chew on for the future of haptic (touch) interfaces.

Like most edited collections of articles from authors of mixed backgrounds, what we get is something of a mixed bag. From the Half Life 2 review that feels a burning need to instruct the reader in the definition of a seesaw and how they operate in the playground, through to down to earth reviews of playing experiences such as World of Goo.

One of the severe problems with haptic input devices (other than the very, very basic type that jack directly into the nervous system) is that the mechanics of hand-held systems only bend or push so far, then they hit engineered limits and the feeling dissipates.

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Packbot to gain Haptic Feedback
In October 2009, iRobot announced that they would be receiving additional funding from the US Robotics Technology Consortium. They plan to use much of this money to add full haptic feedback technology to their heavy-duty robots.

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Governmental Visualisation > VERDE
The VERDE or Visualising Energy Resources Dynamically on Earth project, was set-up by the American Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2008. Its purpose is to use mixed reality systems, to monitor real-time status of a national power grid.


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In one of the strangest attempts at augmented reality, researchers at the University of Tokyo in Japan have invented a head mounted haptic sensor.

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Medicine Meets Virtual Reality, 14th Annual conference. (MMVR)
January 24-27, 2006, Hyatt Regency, Long Beach, California.

MMVR is the premier conference on emerging data-centered technologies for medical care and educ...

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A workshop on virtual reality hardware and software will take place from 30 November to 1 December in Stuttgart, Germany.

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Woburn-based haptic products maker SensAble Technologies Inc. this week is showcasing new software and hardware medical training offerings based on its technology.

The idea behind its haptic devices, toolkits, and 3-D modelin...