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Volumetric Fogging

Volumetric fogging, or volumetric fog, encompasses a given fogging effect only within a 3D area ? essentially a 3D polygon bounding zone. Enter the zone, such that your viewpoint is inside it, and you are immersed in the fog. Step out, and suddenly it is clear as day.

This implementation of fog, when used alone, creates hard edges to foggy areas, which are often undesirable.

Some implementations allow you to still see the fog when outside the zone, others only add the fog to the view when you are inside the zone ? not when you are looking through it to an area beyond.

See Also: Fogging

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Volumetric Fogging


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Volumetric Rendering in Realtime
A brief but thorough multi-part article from Gamasutra, on creating volumetric rendering in real-time, for use in fog, fluid, and other effects, which correctly affect light at any point through them.

The Perspecta display system was released by Actuality Systems in May 2005. Its intended purpose is as a 3D volumetric display capable of projecting a virtual object right in front of you.

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Analysing Typhoons for Future Use
NASA has unveiled a weather satellite capable of converting any typhoon into a 3D volumetric map in unprecedented detail, in real-time. These maps being extremely useful for both dedicated weather simulators and interactive 3D environments alike.

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VR Interfaces: Perspecta
A technical look at the Perspecta suspended display system, released by Actuality Systems in May 2005. Its intended purpose is as a 3D volumetric display capable of projecting a virtual object right in front of you.


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