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Wearable Computing

Wearable computing refers to the augmented reality trend of literally wearing complex computing equipment actually physically sown into your clothing, or being the clothing itself. Wearable computing is an essential part of the sensor web, and offers many unique benefits to healthcare and connectivity.

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Wearable Computing


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At CHI 2009 (computer Human Interaction conference,) many new modalities of interface were demonstrated. One of the more practical was the product of a team from ETH Zurich's Wearable Computing lab. Vaguely resembling the bastard child of a set of safety glasses and a HMD, the EOG goggles are an eye movement tracking system, that requires no external hardware to operate.

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Sensor Web Begins to Form: 2008
This year, the focus is on pervading social tagging, and upsurge in GPS devices and wearable computing. In addition, of course, the devices on offer are in almost all cases, a decisive improvement on the status of various technologies on offer this time last year.

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Telehealth: Wearable Electrocardiograph Using Body Area Network
Telehealth care and ubiquitous monitoring go hand in hand. Sometimes that leads to the creation of novel technologies. More often, it involves repurposing technologies from several other fields and combining them as one. In the case of the wearable electrocardiograph developed by Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), it's a little of both.

This book is basically a mixture of electronics guide and augmented reality bible. Not so much about the visual aspects, but about the ubiquitous computing platform, intelligent objects and sensor web.

Switch Craft is filled with all manner of home stitch and sew projects, imbruing clothes with computing parts, diodes and electropigment systems. Ideal for the computer geek who augments their own clothes for computing ability with style, and augmented living, wearably.

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The Future of Clinical Computing: A Vision from Panasonic
An interview between Medgadget and Panasonic, on Panasonic's 2008 vision for the future of clinical computing.

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GPS Tracker To Keep Pupils Safe
After the events at Virginia Tech University in the US, in April, a major push at using wearable technologies and sensor webs to improve student safety has been underway.

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Wearable Display Jackets
The concept of clothing that integrates lighting displays is one that has only recently been realised, yet it hasd been in cyberpunk a long, long time. The original 'electropigment' dating back to Snow Crash itself.


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Hitachi has submitted a patent for a new method of creating alkaline batteries which enable them to maintain higher power consumption rates for much longer periods of time.

This would be ideal for wearable computing equipmen...

A wearable defibrillator can prevent sudden death in people with dangerous heart arrhythmias, according to research presented at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2011.

Wearable cardioverter defibrillators...

The global market for wearable computing and communications systems is expected to reach $270 million by 2007, according to a recent study published by VDC.

Sales in this relatively small market are expected to grow more than...

Sometimes the diagnosis of episodes of illness in schizophrenia, rotatory vertigo, or reading and writing deficits needs electro-oculography (EOG), performed using a special medical apparatus. Andreas Bulling, a doctoral student at the Wear...

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