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Wide area Master Station

WMS or Wide area Master Station is a ground based co-ordinating station in the WAAS GPS sensor grid. These function to co-ordinate the information sent from GPS satellites and WRS ground-based stations, in order to create a triangulated, 3D spatial location for the user. They also use this data to calculate if a satellite or WRS signal has moved from where it should have originated from, to determine if there is a fault in the system.

The WMS then transmits the completed signal to a satellite or stratellite for delivery back to the originator.

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Wide area Master Station



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The Difference between FPS and Lag
Participants in modern internet-controlled, heavily graphics-orientated virtual worlds often confuse fps and lag. When an area cluttered with graphics, and a complex drawing area slows down, all too often people say that the area is laggy, or their Internet connection is not sufficient to handle it. This is patiently untrue, and continued perpetuation of this idea leads people to invest in hardware they do not need, which has no effect on the problem.

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Developing a Setting for Fantastical IF
This resource, intended for building IF worlds, still has many vital, and infrequently observed lessons for area builders within virtual worlds. A large area within a textual world, is about the same size as an average IF landscape, and many of the same rules still apply.

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Local Area Augmentation Systems
A Local area Augmentation System is used to augment Global Positioning Systems when fine, precise detail is required. They could actually solve a lot more sensor web issues than just the use in aeronautics they have today.

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VR Interfaces: Leapfrog Tag
Leapfrog's Tag reader is a direct derivative of several fairly recent augmented reality technologies. It is a reading aid for 4-8 year olds, designed not to teach reading, but to help hone reading ability. It is designed really, for those occasions when parents are too busy to spend time helping their children master concepts.

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Gamer Pays $100,000 Us For A Virtual Resort
Industry News

October 2005, and Project Entropia hits the headlines forthe second time in a row, this time for $100,000 us paid for a VR-only space station, further demonstrating the potential for money making in modern virtual landscapes by the very fact it was keenly purchased as investment.

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Large Image Display: AWGate 5.0: Music Appreciation
ActiveWorlds Gate 5.0 launched on November the 26th 2009, in readiness for the launch of ActiveWorlds 5.0 on December the 1st 2009. Here we see one of the rooms off of the main concourse, where the company nods politely to all the independent radio firms that operate within it's platform. Eight platforms are available. To hear the music, just stand in the column-shaped invisible zone on top of each disk, and the music will start streaming, assuming the radio station lives long enough of course. This location brings home another problem the platform is trying to hide - the steady decline of users.

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Inside the injured brain, many kinds of awareness
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted 11-04-2005. Neuroscientists now understand at least some of the physiology behind a wide range of unconscious states, from deep sleep to coma.

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Role Playing Extremism?
This is a transcript of a conversation held within an OOC area of one MUD, wherin one player's discussion of RP within the MUD, and the article author's own use of it, reveals some interesting views.


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