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Wire Frame Outline

A Wire Frame Outline is a polygonal shape rendered without worrying about the faces of the polygons, just the vertices. They have no textures, being transparent, and can be hard to distinguish when there are a lot of them together. On the other hand, they are blazingly fast to render ,and at one time, were the only means possible for graphical VR.

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Wire Frame Outline


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Mobile AI
A basic, yet very good outline for a needs-specific NPC that responds to the environment around them. An excellent base from which to design your own system.

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Augmented Conferencing
A recent news story covered BT's attempts to wire up the conference room of the future. However, BT's spokesperson, Lesley Gavin, seemed less than clued up on use of the virtual technologies that would likely be employed. We would like to suggest our own version for how we think the conference event of the medium-term future will be held. Twenty years from now.

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Instantaneous Visual Virtual Face
One of the major issues with any virtual form, is facial expression. Traditionally, getting a virtual face to match your physical intent for expression in real-time, was a lost cause. Even for big budget film making, CG overlays had to be constructed frame by frame by hand. Enormously time consuming, ludicrously expensive and completely useless for real-time usage.

The Star CAVE is the first of the third generation of CAVE VR interfaces - Computer Augmented Virtual Environments. As its name suggests, it is star-like in that it has five corners, like an pictographic star. However, the outline of its form resembles a pentagon, not a pentagram.

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Large Image Display:Animatrix: Final Flight of the Osiris: Its all in the Eyes
Take a look at the face in this frame. Notice the eyes, and how they glimmer, offering a window onto the soul. It cannot be stated often enough, that one of the key aspects of overcoming the uncanny valley is in the eyes.

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Star Trek: The Original Series, & VR ~ The City on The Edge of Forever
The guardian offers the chance to visit any time frame, any settlement, any possible world, exactly as it was, in intricate detail. It itself is not a VR since it changes the actual history of events, but in all other ways the metaphor is the same. It is a window upon worlds, in which countless possibilities unfold, and which may be stepped through; immersed into to see how any civilisation lived in the past.

An introduction to philosophy book, third in the ?Popular Culture and Philosophy? series, The Matrix and Philosophy is a collection of essays that mediate on the nature of existence, using the film The Matrix, and the simulation of total reality as a frame of reference.

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An Engineers' AR Display
A new concept on eye tracking, does two things. Firstly, it integrates both concepts into one device, by registering eye movement through the simple expedient of tracking pupil movement via machine vision, and mounting the tracking camera on the rear frame of the device.

The sequel to ?The Matrix and Philosophy: Welcome to the Desert of the Real?, this book continues the work of the first, by mediating on the nature of existence, using the film The Matrix, and the simulation of total reality as a frame of reference.

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NASA's X1 Exoskeletal Framework
NASA have unveiled their prototype X1 exoskeletal frame and trainer device. Unlike most exoskeletons, the key feature of this exceedingly bulky one, is that it can be used for training, just as well as enhanced walking. It is designed to inhibit muscle movement as well as enhance it; optionally forcing the wearer to work much harder for every movement.


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