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Wired Glove

Wired glove is another name for a Data Glove, which is a form of I/O device. Data gloves fit over the hands of a person in VR, and allow tactile feedback. Pressure pads typically provide force feedback - if the person picks up a virtual object, or runs their hand along a virtual surface, the data gloves allow them to feel it as if it was physically against their hands.

See also: Data Gloves

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Police in the United Kingdom are starting to augment their bodies with technology, in order to better perform their duties. Crude augmented reality equipment is already becoming standard issue.

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Touchscreen Use in All Weather
Industry News

Touchscreen technology has until now, had one strong disadvantage: In inclement weather, wet, freezing cold hands result from touchscreen use, as gloves and other finger protectors have always made fingers too big and bulky to effectively use touchscreen technology, whilst masking tactile feedback with the glove?s spongy surface.

Dressed up as real stories from the fighting fronts of recent wars, and varying between a novelistic format, and a textbook one, this book is definitely an easy read, despite the sheer amount of information it presents.

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Voice Chat Can Really Kill the Mood on WoW
A commentary from Wired magazine on the advent of voice in the gameworld WoW, and how it is destroying the virtual identity ? physical identity threshold. Well balanced for both sides.

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A Simple Plan to ID Every Creature on Earth
Adapted and rewritten in part from a Wired article plus other sources on the same subject, this short article takes a look at one of the many quiet revolutions occuring under the radar, thanks mostly to computing power and augmented reality thinking.

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Scientists Map the Brain, Gene by Gene
A Wired article looking in depth at the Allen Institute for Brain Science, and its attempt to produce a map of the brain, that is virtually automating discoveries.

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Dial H for Happiness: How Neuroengineering May Change Your Brain
A second part to Wired's article "Rewiring the Brain: Inside the New Science of Neuroengineering", continuing on along the same lines; looking at the work of Dr. Ed Boyden, and his prototype Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation machine.


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Commwell, a company out of Evanston, Illinois, has developed an ECG lead placement system that takes a lot of the guessing out of the process. The PhysioGlove is a 12 lead applicator that the patient holds down to their chest during the ECG...

Some U.S. soldiers in Iraq are already equipped with wearable computer systems. But the lack of efficient input devices restricts their use to safer environments, such as the interior of a Humvee or a base station, where the soldier can set...

Two fourth year electrical and biomedical engineering students at Hamilton's McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, have taken the concept of the cyberglove, and developed a CPR system with it.

Outfitted with sensors, circuit...

As the magazine for a digital generation, Wired has talked a big game about the opportunities for publishers on Apple's new iPad.

"We decided this was the big one," Wired editor Chris Anderson said last winter, even before...

While Robonaut 2 has been busy testing its technology in microgravity aboard the International Space Station, NASA and General Motors have been working together on the ground to find new ways those technologies can be used.